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♥ 📲Android Game:
♥ About This Game:Want to live in colorful world of jungle? Then become a parrot – a beautiful wild bird – and fly there with our survival simulator! Create a parrot flock and live among wild jungle animals. Jungle adventures and survival are waiting in Jungle Parrot Simulator!

Wild parrot Simulator features:

Fly over jungle full of exotic birds and animals with your flock

Wild quests and tough fight for survival – pick you own challenge

Flying together with fellow parrot kind is much safer and funnier

Meet a lot of real animals of wild jungle in our simulator!

Jungle bird flock!
Find a parrot mate to start a flock – the bigger is your parrot family, the bigger is fun! Plus you parrot friends will help you fight for survival in the wild jungle. Your parrot flock will grow and your levelup! Learn flying over dangerous jungle in our bird simulator!

Parrot lifestyle!
Parrot is a busy bird. Besides flying with the flock there’s a lot to do in the survival simulator. Fighting hostile animals, seeking food, completing crazy quests – plunge into wild life of a jungle parrot! See if you’re fit for animal survival as a jungle bird!

Jungle survival!
Falcon and crocodiles, elephants and zebras – meet every jungle animal in our survival simulator! Lots of dangers await in the wild jungle, face them with your family. Fly high with your parrot family and experience wild birds life in our survival simulator – get ready for flying and survival in wild jungle!

Flying and playing with a parrot flock is possible with Jungle Parrot Simulator – a wild and colorful bird survival simulator!

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  1. Hi! Again very nice video! Make please survival and family videos on all birds! Dont forget on bluejay! I see that your starting animals havent got name. I have a tip: before you start play another bird and animal in other sims by gluten free games reset every animal in options! Your animal get name. If you give some name to your animals you must give every animal another name cause the others lost the name.


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