《MSTAR》 Thank you & Goodbye


Dear Mstar,

Thank you for 6 years of knuckle cracking good time, & Goodbye.

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  1. 6 years ago.. …….Miss this game …😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤

  2. ahh this brings back memories😭 i was on beta before SG server officially released. Still remember when there's a lot of Shinee's songs when they became the mstar icon. Been spending so much money on outfits so that my avatar looks cool. dayumm i still miss playing mstar

  3. I have been playing this game in Turkish server for 7 years and then it shut down, I totally understand you all <3 
    SOO, I have read some people wondering if the Korean server is open or is it easy to sign up… YES! It is!! However, to be able to open and activate your account you should send a picture of your ID of your own nation (I am Turkish and I sent my TR ID card) or passport. It is my second day in Mstar Korea and I feel alone, if anyone wants to know further information please comment below, maybe we should create a Facebook group and help each other to get back to Mstar all together <3

  4. yeah u were right ") ive been playing already 4 years i feel so sad that i know this game was shutdown , im so upset , last night i was download garena back for to playing back the mstar but i just found out the game was shut down , im so sad ")

  5. Terima kasih Mstar server Singapura/Malaysia .banyak kenangan game dari awal sampai perpindahan server .terima kasih

  6. Wow, I played this throughout college on the SG server then TW when it shut down (though I'm American). I loved the graphics so much. And the various dance modes made it more exciting. Not to mention your own place and pet. Good clothing and hairstyle choices for both standard and premium members.

    MStar was the best. Sad to see it's gone.

  7. I'm so sad to know they closed down. Back then I remember I saw somewhere online about this game teaser and excited for the launch. After it first launched in korea I was disappointed that I needed kssn to make an id, then I was looking for how to get one until I gave up. Some people offer fake kssn, some offer their kssn for money. 😂. Then I found the thai server came up. I played for a while and absolutely love the game, back then I didnt have good power laptop or internet speed, but the graphic and customization was so stunning. The language barrier stopped me for a while. My life moves on, somehow I know there was mstar taiwan and singapore. But I didnt have the chance to play again. After the singapore server closed, I tried to find similar feeling game and found touch prodigy, the kinda-downgrade version of Mstar. Even I played Touch prodigy for a while I always compared it to Mstar and missed playing Mstar again. Now when I have the chance to play a game again, it seems like too late already. Sigh..

    So there will be no more mstar other server in the future?
    Do you know why the closed?
    Have you find any game similar like mstar today?

    Ps. Thanks for your time to read my story and to share this video, really.


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