13 Best Super Nintendo Obscure Hidden Gems – SNESdrunk


Bait those clicks with them gems which are the hidden. Listen to some random dude on the internet speak in declarative sentences, listen to him tell you what you wanna hear in regards to those gems, whatever the hell that means. Good for you. Great job. Have a good rest of your day!

Games featured (in alphabetical order):
[1:59] Ardy Lightfoot
[4:47] Blackthorne
[3:51] Brain Lord
[1:28] Choplifter III
[6:51] Dragon View
[4:19] Phantom 2040
[2:58] Robotrek
[0:53] Spanky’s Quest
[5:49] Super Adventure Island 2
[6:21] True Lies
[3:29] Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
[5:15] UN Squadron (wargle blargle this isn’t obscure enough I aggressively don’t care)
[2:28] Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

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  1. I see sunsoft and an aero the acrobat looking character on the thumbnail…. I'll be back to watch but…

    I hated aero the fricken acrobat…. but it was a decent game. Just unbearably difficult for youth. Need to watch a play thru. Couldnt stand that game.

    Why did I have it for sega and super… tormented to experience the subtle difference but still the same dissatisfaction. 🤮

  2. why would anybody buy these games for the sole reason for playing them like its so ez to emulate these games on ur phone 10 years ago lol

  3. I completely agree about Dragon View. One of the best games on the SNES, but yet it went completely ignored.

  4. I know im a bit later but…super adventure island 2 is not the first game in the series that introduce that kind of gameplay, adventure island 4 released to famicom did it first

  5. Not gonna lie, I've had my Choplifter 3 cart since I was a baby lol
    Grew up mastering that game (only age 22 now)
    Really fun game

  6. —>>> I am glad to know that I Have played the majority of the games in this list! Great video as always!!

  7. OOF…BrainLord. I remember renting this from my local video game rental store …..man that game was awesome. Never beat it though…renting it for 5 days wasnt enough.

  8. Firepower 2000. It's a hard game that gets harder the further you go and i havent heard anyone talk about online or in person.

  9. I loved UN Squadron as a kid! Never beat it though. Then our SNES broke. It was really old.

  10. A game i liked but nobody talks about: Claymates!
    Sadly i never played it through, because it had no save system or even passwords.

  11. OMG, I played Choplifter III when I was a kid, and I didn't remember the name of the game until now, thank you!!

  12. I get why these kinds of videos might be annoying to an snes vet but for a newbie like me just trying to find good games while most people talk about the same game, I found this video really helpful.

  13. You're so stupid and obnoxious when you say that shit about 90's mascots. So what there were multiple of them? Show respect for them games instead an obnoxious a**

    The disgusting bored mocking tone in your voice fills me with rage


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