2Pac ft. Method Man, Ice Cube & The Game – Revenge | 6IX9INE DISS


NEW 6IX9INE DISS. Tupac Dissing 6IX9INE. 2Pac, Method Man, Ice Cube & The Game – Revenge (2019) (Remix by Tupac Thug Theory)

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2Pac, Ice Cube, Method Man & The Game Dissing Tekashi 6IX9INE in 2019! Support real rap & hip hop!

New album of Method Man:
Meth Lab 2: The Lithium (2018 / 2019)
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℗ 2018 Hanz On Music Entertainment

Ice Cube’s new album ”Everythang’s Corrupt”:

Dr. Dre’s album “Compton”:
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2018 Interscope, Lench Mob Records ℗ ©

Artists in this video:
2Pac, Method Man, Ice Cube, The Game

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  1. Love Cube but Ghandi was bout as far from soft as you can get. Ypu have ani idea what the man saw and went thru? Thought Cube was smarter than that.

  2. I love Tupac Shakur I'm 45 this year I come across the brother when I was 14 he was a little older dance up on stage with Jada Pinkett Smith singing you know the man I listen two keep real to copper's are pureged scum the beat the brother down well I felt that I had the scum bags beat on me but as I see it every dog has its day ice cube NWA EZZY E GODBLESS him Tupac and NWA was the only music I listen too from back in my younger days write up until today Tupac was real facts no dogs no snakes fuck this there's no time for fakes GODBLESS Tupac ezzy E miss you both brothers

  3. This shit is sick I defo know it's DR DRE made these new beats having old recordings in cabinets. DRE IS A MUSIC GENIUS !!

  4. To a you biggie fans . I do not see biggie getting play like this to this day it’s Tupac .💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥✊✊✊

  5. See Aaron took me through the H A Modesto Project Game. Took me to the old dinasour game. We didn't use to fuck with woman & children. The rules have changed why.

  6. 2 packs West Side Story, I'm just A 633. Mosul and and Modesto Cali 2o9 story learned the game by rape started in Wyoming.

  7. REAL and I love the West coast but from the South Houston Texas they're REAL too please believe me when I say this.

  8. just don't let they fuck u up for my year I came in the world and u did not born that time Y.MC.M.B it's not a game but game will come at u


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