2Pac & Game – Last Legends


◆ Song of 2Pac & Game remixed ” Last Legends ” (Remix by Sabi Mixx) ◆

Be prepared for Pac ‘s Revenge!

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Remix by Sabi Mixx

Beat prod. by MelBeatz (Kool Savas – Das Urteil)

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  1. 🇵🇭👻Hernandez.Calahi👻🇵🇭
    Zup'my Brother Dj MiMo Tupac

    All set ready to back of West Side things and all ready West Side Hell Let US Free all Lost Angels and Mr.Makaveli it's Are Time all my Brother Dj of Mob.Figgaz Let's Changes The Way or the World My Brother

  2. I fucc.k all of.you! <90s rapper is the.way! All of you new rap time fu.cck you! This is real rap , 2pac, biggy, bone thugs n harmony, the game and so on this is real gangsta rap!!!! Shame to the new rapper of this time!

    And if i die in 50years i will hear this music to my end! Fucc.k you all of “Mitläufer“!
    Ps: Fucc.k the music Industrie!

  3. Did biggie really fuck his mom shit he said it not me thought insest thought it was them colts but i guess biggie 2 g haha

  4. Wakey wakey 88 sent away 88 they riped her mom choker off her neck accused her of stwaling when she didnt

  5. Lyrics 😎

    It's 3, The hard way
    Black Lambo, No passengers
    Black Ski mask, Chain Saw Massacre
    Kill fast with the Ak-four 7
    (Blacka) Yellow Tape the intersection
    Loaded clips, Lock 'em in
    Got a black four five
    Call it Pac's revenge
    I'm a mutha fuckin animal
    Lil Jon be canibal
    Every nigga in Atlanta Know
    I'm psycho insane about my cash, they should re-open alcatraz
    And sentance with a life without rehabillitaion
    Fuck Governor Schwarzenegger
    It's my statment
    Dear Mr. President Barack Obama, Righ after you catch Osama, Tell Mr. Waso
    Please let oprah know that I won't ever stop sayin bitch and hoe

    I’m from the westside I done paid my dues, nwa is back this is front page news. I'm Makaveli the Don is what they tell me, I'm armed I put my niggas up on it Now we Amerikaz Most Wanted

    I’m from the westside I done paid my dues, nwa is back this is front page news. I'm Makaveli the Don is what they tell me, I'm armed I put my niggas up on it Now we Amerikaz Most Wanted

    Sick, Thicker than most of these tricks
    I got my mind on makin money but you stuck on these fake bitches
    I stay blunted, And never fronted and I doubt if I do
    Cause if I do, Then I get beat up by my fuckin crew
    A real nigga, Since you figure that you ready to box
    You catchin knots from my nigga Freddie Fox
    And I, You really don't want none from Pac
    Cause I'll be strapped wit a Glock
    And throw thangs like I'm born to box
    I'll hit this motherfuckin gin then I'll be all in
    Hell yeah, Young niggas straight ballin
    And everybody wants to see if I'm a g weighin' 165

  6. That’s rap!!!
    And not the bitches like Lil pump or 69
    i miss the old times.
    I miss Tupac…

  7. "Load the clips" it shows you they know nothing about real guns. They all must be studio gangsters! I love guns and rap, but clips are not used in modern guns. The last time clips were used was in the M1 Grand during WWII. Now days we use magazines NOT CLIPS. Clips have not been used since World War II.


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