2Pac – Heavy In This Game [ Ft. Eazy E, Biggie, Ice Cube ]


This song is remixed by – DJ Galil, Shoopac , Fatalismus
and 2Pac Tv

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2Pac verse by – GalilHD

Biggie Verse by – 2Pac Tv

Ice Cube Hook By – Shoopac

Eazy E Verse By – Fatalismus

Bassline Nation Records –

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  1. Hello i make 90,s old skool remixes Tupac Biggie Nas it would be appreciated if anyone would go on my youtube and check my channel out

  2. Never got the chance to experience the eazy e era always wondered who bone thugs was talking about when I was a lil fella.But I'm glad I could have got the chance to listen to a few vurses and tracks of the dude.

  3. Xchi ama PAC si vuol credere che lui sia anc'ora fisicamente qui con noi ma è certo che la sua musica sarà di generazione, sempre, sempre, in questo Mondo XSEMPRE!!!!!⛔


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