6 Signs You Were Never in Love


Do you wonder if you’re still in love with him or her? Unfortunately, love is something that fades. And sometimes, it might be helpful to recognize the signs early than late. If you are no longer in love with someone, you have to let them know.

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Script Writer: Catherine Huang
Script Editor: Steven Wu
Narrator: Wendy Hu
Animator: Maxine Gando
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong


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  1. this video title tells about my teenage where in my surrounding people had first love first crush playboy romantic boy blah blah blah etc but tbh i didnt had any first love and first crush from then and now and i think nobody will gonna love me forever till i die because i am deserved not to be loved by anyone i am not sad till now but its like i am the one who doesnt have feelings and emotions and i personally feel like an robot which doesnt have the feelings and emotions its better for to me to be without love or relationship forever

  2. I am an emotional person who hardly open up to people but I have always been so comfortable around my partner and did every possible thing. But he never did anything, he would ignore and escape from problems hence one fine day he escaped from me by breaking up with me. I would any day prefer a man who is man enough to face difficulties instead of running away, so ladies if your man is an escapist and vice versa it isn’t worth it, you deserve love and love isn’t meant for faint heart escapists because they have never loved.

  3. You love someone they say it's faded then you feel devastated,you feel like their heart telling you sum..they I slide to YouTube and find olla this vedios..is it love or not..then a voice tell me maybe you wasn't meant to be but the same voice say the opposite.. anxiety start up and oh..it's a sign too..then this love coach says even when you love someone you stressed about them somehow..damn..my heart crushed but it feels okay then I cry but it feels okay still..and finally I just leave it to GOD coz I believe he brought him to me in the first place..if he was meant to be a lesson the lesson learnt but I still feel guilty coz I messed him too but GOD tell me in my heart..'HOLD ON CHILD..I HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU,A GOOD ONE,JUST TRUST AND HAVE FAITH..'and I do have faith in HIM..I take what he gives me and leave what HE tells me to stop…I JUST LOVE GOD AND EVERYTHING HE DOES IN MY LIFE..I still pray that he be safe and go through the best changes..that GOD guide him just like he guide me..

  4. what if you do at least 1 of them? should I try to work it out? or maybe think that what I feel is not real love? Help!

  5. I know I never in love. I never had a boyfriend, never a relationship, I don't want it I don't need it. I'm asexual and aromantic.

  6. My first relationship I knew him for 4 weeks, started dating, holding hands, and he never tried texting. I know it wasn’t the best and it’s how it fell out and we shouldn’t have gotten togethdr

  7. About the first point, there are exceptions. It happens that some people just know the first time they meet, and when I say they know, they really know and this one is no game and is more evident than any experience they have had in this matter.

  8. I don't have a plan to have a relationship. If I do, then that's luck. If I don't, it's okay.

    Everyone dies alone anyways.

    (I know it's not a good mindset, but… It helps me cope up through life)

  9. Kayaknya bener..sy berfikir dulu untuk mau akrab terlibat dalam kehidupan orang asing..sy..banyak mempwrtimbangkan..org asing itu dan sepak terjang keluarganya..jika sy merasa mau dan mampu..sy baru kompromi pada hati..diajak mencari cara menyukainya..sy org ga neko neko..jarang punya hasrat liar..atau hobi liar..karena itu sy sederhana dalam mencintai..asal kamu pantas saya cintai..baik bagi kehidupan sy dan keluarga..titik…semudah itu..

  10. I found out that I'm not inlove with my gf can someone help me how to break up with her without breaking her heart?

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  12. Don't compare relationship with love.Relationship is something you do but love is something you can become you can love everyone around you no matter human, animal,plant.


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