A Guide to Not Needing Pumps [Satisfactory Guide]


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Hello guys and welcome to another Satisfactory guide, today we’re checking out how we can lift water without using pumps in Satisfactory.
Special thanks goes to Felix for suggesting this to me.

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  1. You can also use this trick without having an elevated oil pump or extractor. What you do is you have one pipeline with pumps on it and bring it up to whatever you height you want. Then you have a pipeline drop it back down and connect to the other pipelines going up. This way you can lift all of one liquid using just a single set of pumps.

  2. So… in theory I could get all of my storage really high up (using pumps to get it there, then store it in fluid buffers then add a single pump after the fluid buffer and never need a pump after that point in the network?

  3. ok can you pump only once for one pipe up and supply countless other pipes below as long as there is some water above?

  4. Looks like an exploit to me.
    The lower water extractors should not be able to contribute to the head lift > 10m.
    The upper extractor – that's totally fine because when you fill that pipe, the water will automatically be level without the extractor needing more pump power.
    It's almost a net +/- 0 IRL.
    The lower ones – nope. That's not how stuff works. So I won't use this technique. (even when I appreciate the spent time to science this)

  5. OK i've already thought of a way to make best use of this – a pressure tower. Have a bunch of pumps pump the liquid up to a tank (say oil) which then is piped back down and connects to every oil node – you can then pipe all the oil extractors, regardless of how many pipes you have, back to your base. You could, if you balance it, turn the pumps off, but it's probably easier just to leave them on.

  6. This works great just so long as they don't also model pipe stress due to the pressure caused by the excessive head-lift 🙂 Or Water Hammer for that matter….

  7. Wait? Could u not just place a tank somewhere very high fill it up once and then connect its output down to the pumps and then connect the pumps to the input of the high tank so it gets filled up when it drops water?

  8. Using one packing refinery below, one unpacking refinery very high above (let's go Josh-style all the way up to just under the upper 1999m damage border) [I'm substituting the high-Z extractor with a unpacking refinery since the setup is then copypasta'ed easily for fluids other than water and logistics of a specific fluid need only then be wrestled with to reach the packing refinery at the bottom], connected to the first via a pair of conveyor lifts (one to bring up packs, the other to return the empties), the unpack refinery fills a fluid buffer, then we run a pipe down from the other port of that top fluid buffer. Once primed (with empty canisters) it should be possible to have the head-lift of that one high-Z buffer in all the low-Z extraction lines by connecting them all to that single pipe from above, if I am understanding this quirk correctly.

    Once working we have a zero pump setup.

  9. So, you can basically make watertowers and they function the same as in real live! That is awesome! My base is now probably gonna have a central pump to bring the water,, oil ect up to a certain level so it can pressurize my whole base!

  10. So, you only need to lift water/oil of one extrator in a water tower to be free of all pump for the others.
    But, does the height of that tower need to be the same as the height you want to raise?

  11. Instead of having one water source really high, could you have a bunch of pumps after it, and then split that pressurized water through more pipes so you can lift more water with just one set of pumps?

  12. Well, thanks. That is an interesting setup, but I wouldn't recommend it (at least I won't be using it), because it sounds like a bug which might be fixed sometime in the future AND you wouldn't want your factories stop working. This sounds like a bug to me, because basically you are using a small amount of water to push up a lot of water. Seems to be against the laws of physics.

  13. I hope Kibitz understands that while his builds are extravagant, your information is much more useful. Not trying to start a feud, everyone loves Satisfactory YouTubers, and I'm glad you all exist in different niches. Kibitz for the crazy, TotalXclipse for the knowledge, and Josh a.k.a LetsGameItOut for the total insanity

  14. So, if you had a tower with a reservoir and an unpacking refinery, then all your extractors at the bottom with one packing refinery (and a belt and conveyor lift to lift the packaged product), you could use the reservoir and drop to provide your "head lift", and not need any pumps at all, right? And the refinery and belts would be rarely used, as they'd only cover the dips in production.

  15. So what if you took 1 pump put it on the highest water source. Dropped the pipes down and connected it to all other sources would it make all pipes stay filled? As long as the rise was not higher then the highest pump?

  16. For oil you could have an oil tower as part of an oil refinery, were the tank at the top is connected to the oil nodes and pushes them to the floor below the oil tank. At that floor there most of the oil flows down the factory, while some of it is used to cap of the tank above it using packaging the oil, or a single pump.

  17. WAit … isn't that actually how water works in real life too ? I mean that's the logic behind water towers right ? Wont'water always level at it's highest input point ???

  18. Well, essentially an exploit that can stop working any time devs decide to fix their physics. And then the bug reporting site will get flooded with complaints about "pipe bugs" just like when the Z=0 bug was fixed.

  19. Just like a water tower…. 40 psi…. Ok after reading a few comments. People this is not a bug. This is actually real life fluid dynamics. And coffee stain kept it a secret to see if any engineers would try it. Way to go Coffee Stain. And congratulations to the factory engineer who was smart enough to wonder if it would work!!

  20. That's neat. It's as if the "water tower" provides pressure while the pumps at the bottom provide the actual flow. Which ofc makes no sense in a real setting, since they would need to provide enough pressure to lift it all the way up to even put fluid into the pipe at all…
    Even if you don't have a really elevated source, you could probably use this to lift an arbitrary number of pipes to any level by just pumping ONE pipe to the top and letting it flow down again, providing pressure to all the rest.

  21. But why? Pumps are like 4 watts. Why would you waste all this time exploiting a bug when the legit way is sooo much easier?

  22. So in theory I could have one tank split maybe one hundred times, perhaps then split it another hundred times to provide head lift for thousands of extractors. Almost like the water has some sort of memory of the height it was once at. Homeopathic head lift?


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