A Tribute to Minecraft


A retrospective on my favorite game, probably ever.

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Shaders: KUDA
Texture pack: John Smith

Nguồn: https://labiennale-israeli-pavilion.org/

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  1. 6:28 – 6:48

    Dude I don’t think this could have been worded any better because this goes for so many people that want to relive the simpler, younger days of their lives and experience these amazing games for a second time.

  2. Dont watch this when you drink. It makes you feel old and want those feelings of nostalgia again. You get them but not the same way. Being a kid fucking rocks and I wish I knew it at the time.

  3. Minecraft used to be way better before 1.9, and also preferred the old textures. The world generation is boring, back then you would have amazing large mountains going overhead with waterfalls and beams of light, but now its just kinda flat, plain and boring. I am not saying that the latest versions sucks, they are good, its just that things were more exciting in the older versions.

  4. I think the jschlatt in this video is the actual jschlatt, the one that's hanging babies from wii remotes is another absolutely different person

  5. This just made me so sad when he first talked about the music, since the nether update there’s been new music don’t get me wrong it is pretty but Minecraft isn’t the same anymore

  6. It’s weird to think that the “haha funny cock and ball man” was the person to remind me why i played Minecraft and how much i loved it, I started playing Minecraft again after this video came out (or when it entered my recommendations). For the first time since 2012-2014, i booted up Minecraft, I didn’t have my old computer or old account so i had to make a new one, and my worlds are gone forever, but i started Minecraft and for some reason it was so different that I started crying, this game that i loved with my whole heart was so different in almost every aspect i felt at the time like i lost a piece of my past, of course as shlatt said once that music faded in it was there, at that point it didn’t matter that everything was different, i love this game so much it’s always been a huge part of my love for gaming, i really hope that one day I’ll be able to experience Minecraft the same way i did as a kid no matter how unlikely it is

  7. Christmas 2020 will be different from any other…
    Lyrics will change…

    Jingle bells, Fortnite Smells,
    Roblox is Okay.
    Minecraft is the best game
    You could ever play today, Hey!

  8. Dang this is by far the best YouTube video that I have ever seen, not only is it chill but it’s a fresh reminder of what life used to be like and that fills me with hope for the future knowing that I had a childhood that’s worth reflecting on and remembering the good times after school on an evening right before dinner that was being made by mom upstairs while you sat on your couch playing xbox 360 Minecraft listening to the most mind filling piano to ever be played


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