Acquisitions Incorporated – PAX East 2016 D&D Game


In this special PAX East live D&D game, we switched things up a bit by having Chris Perkins play while Mike Krahulik and Patrick Rothfuss take a turn in the Dungeon Master’s chair!

After returning from the Underdark, the heroes of Acquisitions Incorporated find themselves with some free time on their hands, and we take a closer look at what goes on in the office and in their home lives.

You can download Mike and Patrick’s adventures for free right now from the Dungeon Masters Guild!

ISTAR Facilities by Patrick Rothfuss:

How Not to Host a Murder by Mike Krahulik:


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  1. Benwin played with his magical balls and managed to handle Jim's gem into his mouth or his butt or something….

    Sorry, I really wish I could reverse the order of this commentary.

  2. Jim's magic missile throbbed in Omins's hand and burst fourth with such furiousity that he was forced aback by it's emmision.


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