Activision Blizzard's Approach to Bots and Is It Really So Worth It For Them?


“There are so many bots because its $15 a month for Blizzard” Is something we have probably all heard a few times.
Is it true though? I think Blizzard may be making far less money from bots in Classic than expected.

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  1. There is no doubt that blizzard is corrupt and the these gold farming companies are bribing blizzard not to ban any of their accounts. Because how can they get away with using a bot program from 2006? With a modern anti cheat it should be easy to fix that.

  2. Good content dude, but please make a bit longer pauses on commas and dots in your sentences. The whole video sounds like one big sentence 😀

  3. Blizzard literally couldn't give any less of a shit about botting. They're too busy banning their own players trying to get them to buy another account

  4. If thousands of people are paying me $15 a month on many accounts why banned them it's a business bots are annoying but are paying for the contact or license what ever you want to call it just like everyone else
    Multiboxers can do more damage to wow economy then bots but they will never be banned. It's simple make bot accounts on a separate email account farm up all the gold you want send it off to your main account or sell it for real money fk it

  5. Firstly, I enjoy the channel and content. The botting issue won't be fixed until it hurts blizzard is some chart or matrix some high end mogul can calculate. Again, it's all about the bottom line. None of us doubt that at this point.

  6. All the bots have ruined the economy on Classic servers. I won't bother playing because of it. I was on the fence before but watching a friend going around showing me the dozens upon dozens of bots staking out and cleaning out areas for all the mats then showing me the result on the AH just sealed it. No thanks.

  7. i just got the 30cap the only day im able to raid with my guild my friends gone cause i farm alot just to be able to go all out

  8. Honestly? Stinks like someone in the BoD has a hand in said goldselling market. Considering what they did with the excess prize pool donations, wouldn't put it past them.

  9. Since bots are the hot topic again, I fully expect anyone that doesn't know about OSRS to start theorizing that without bots, the economy would crash.

  10. I wonder why you didnt mention Blizzard announcing a pricepool of 4000$ for the classic tournament, but give 4 000 000$ next week to some afroamerican lives matter charity. I still cant wrap my head around this. You can clearly see what matters to Blizzard most….

  11. You need to read up how tokens work mate.A player who uses wow tokens is actually give more money to blizzard than your monthly sub, same in OSRS. These tokens are purchased with real money as a legitimate way for players to get in game gold buy selling the token. Tokens are 20 dollars

  12. Wall-E, why do you feel the need to COWER and HIDE your video about the botting crimes in WoW?
    Asmongold has had to step up and do your job instead in exposing it.
    TY for the video in the first place, but seriously, GROW A PAIR, and learn to speak about crimes instead of covering them up out of fear for yourself. That is a disgraceful thing to do.

  13. Hey everyone, if you want to see the video this coward WillE removed from his channel because hes the biggest shill, afraid to speak about issues, see asmongolds channel as its being shown there.

    WillE also suggests rape victims should NOT speak out about the horrific crimes theyve witnessed or been victim of, due to the attention it may garner them. Its best to just accept it and be quiet about it according to WillE.

  14. lets be honest. in a few years the b-net launcher will be called the activision launcher. games like warzone will be moved to the top, and blizzard games will be moved to the bottom.

  15. The wow tokens don't just exist, the are traded peer to peer meaning some bloke bought a token to Sell for the bot to be able to purchase it with gold. Your æogic is therefor flawed. It means that blizzard does in fact earn money from bots, allbeit slightly indirectly.


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