Any Given Sunday: Willie Beamen Enters First Game


In the 13th game of the season, against the Minnesota Americans, both the Sharks’ starting quarterback, Jack “Cap” Rooney (Dennis Quaid), and the second-string quarterback, Tyler Cherubini (Pat O’Hara), are injured and forced to leave the field. The desperate Sharks call upon third-string quarterback and former seventh-round draft pick Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx). Beamen is visibly nervous and makes a number of errors, illustrating his lack of knowledge regarding the team’s playbook. He vomits in the huddle, which begins a ritual that he follows every game. Although the Sharks lose this game by a small margin, Beamen, despite his initial struggles, plays well and gains confidence.


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  1. It's a shame we haven't had any movies about professional football since this film that were anywhere near its level of quality.

  2. One of Oliver Stone's best films! This film doesn't get as much praise as it should, yeah it's not perfect film it definitely has its issues but its entertaining, motivating, good acted and has arguably the greatest speech in any film ever delivered by Motherfuckin Al Pacino! Enjoyed this film tons!

  3. The only movie that captures both the blinding speed of the game, as well as the slow motion of being “in the zone” when everything is clicking. By far my favorite football movie because of the in-game cinematography.

  4. Jamie Foxx did a good job in this movie since he played high school football – – as a quarterback as well!

  5. A great scene conveying adrenaline, confusion, and hostility of the game situation for Steamin Beamen and everyone. I know that critics panned the hell out of this film, but I think Any Given Sunday is one of the best sports films ever.


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