Asmongold Reacts To "Bots are Taking Over the Market in Classic WoW" | By WillE


Asmongold watches a video by WillE, who explains one of the biggest problems in Classic World of Warcraft, the market disruption caused by botting and it’s impact on items such as the Black Lotus herbs value…

Original Video: (Bots are Taking Over the Market for Black Lotus in Classic)

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  1. Thank you all for watching! Make sure to subscribe to the extremely informative WillE especially if you're looking for Classic WoW guides, he just released 2 Phase 5 guides to prepare for the upcoming content release

  2. This reminds me multiboxers as well… Blizzard is just greedy as fuck, they dont give a fuck about it!

  3. I left classic for awhile come back and holy shit. EVERY mage or hunter I see leveling is a bot. In every zone. They do not give a fuck.

  4. It get it helps other people to react to their videos, but man is this some lazy, low hanging fruit content.

  5. Imagine talking about "saving your gold" and chiming in on a botting problem when you literally get THOUSANDS of gold given to you for free.

  6. Design for 2k player per server , and blizzard put 10k on the same server, same drop, same respawn ?? C'mon , blizzard are just stupid or what ? it's not about No changes it's about same proportion !

  7. It's not bots. It's gold farming hunters and guilds camping the spawns. If you want to run solo wake up early when server pop is low and run the path for 2-3 hours and you'll get them. Stop complaining and making videos asking for change and actually get there and play.

  8. Blizzard will never change anything… every bot is a paying customer to them and the server trans is also extra money and on top of that they can show bigger subscription numbers for the game…

  9. The reason they are so expensive is because blizzard is doing nothing about people buying gold. Stop people buying gold and 100% black lotus will go down in price

  10. when i was playing new classic i did sell my lotus for 40g and was more than happy with it :p, farmed like 20 in total before giving away my 1000 gold and the last few black lotus before quitting 😮

  11. Bots are everywhere on every classic server and Blizzard does nothing. Report after report and they are still there. Does Blizzard have some deal with the botters where they just leave them alone?

  12. As I see it, screw everybody, if they want to spend their time like that, go ahead, I just hope Blizzard never introduces WoW Tokens in Classic like they did in Asia. If they do these sonsbitches will win in their effort and destroy the economy even further.

  13. Here's some big brain shit, if you can get away with it. Produce your own game, create a "third party" site for buying gear/items, don't have a RMA or any other types of transactions like that, sell your game retail and generate items then purge them once in a while. Just making money hand over fist and people don't call the game P2W.

  14. Dude… just starting watching twitch and youtube! GREAT stuff… but why do I always feel like someone will show up behind you. Like a fucking horror movie. lol

  15. Lol trying to make me believe that most of the streamers and the majority of their pawns weren't advocating for no changes from the beginning. I remember post launch anyone who asked for changes like myself were immediately shot down for even mentioning stuff like the hunched over loot bug, but now the cool thing to do is to demand changes. Petty appeasement.

  16. Iam so proud of me that i NEVER EVER will play such games in this braindead way. I have to much work in RL to deal with such shit in a video game. So STUPID.

  17. Order of most enjoyable moments in wow classic 1: 1st kill on a boss you did not defeat in vanilla and has wiped your raid at least once. 2: Finding a Black lotus 3: 1 shotting a boss you did not defeat in vanilla. 4: Your guild posts a funny meme about hunters or the guilds mascot. And one thing I will say is maybe you can go to home depot for less but if this was magic the gathering you could go to Porshe dealer for less.

  18. Why u guys call us a bots lol? =D we do it by our hands, its real ppl who gather lotuses. Whats a problem to do the same?? Buy 10 accounts 60lvl chars and start gather lotuses huh? This is not illegal, so gtfo. If u wanna see my skill to fight at each spot, come epl in judjement i'll w8 any of you bitchez.

  19. Wow! Glad I picked herbalism on my mage.

    Why do I feel like I’m going to get super corpse camped suddenly?

  20. Non of this Shit happend back 14 years ago ! or maybe it did and it wasnt talked about ! But so much is wrong with Classic from = Non Stop Boosting for levels in SM -ZG Callouts to People spending all day trying to get Black lotus ! what a Joke. I got to 60 and then I stopped for the simple fact the realms and full of idiots playing the game this way.

  21. With so many more people playing Classic, you can't have the same spawn times for them, makes no sense as the supply is too little for the server.

  22. Honestly botting wouldn't exist if there weren't so many people retarded enough to spend real money on fucking flasks. If you spend real money on fucking Black Lotusses you have a problem and need to see professional help. You are addicted beyond belief

  23. LMAOOOOOOO at these people think that people are realllllly botting that many accounts on lotus. WillE has no fuckin clue


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