AutoCAD 2017 – Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview – 12 mins!]*


[VOICE + TEXT] ***THANKS FOR 400 LIKES!!*** Get into a new Way of Learning AutoCAD 2017 by Autodesk. Getting started, basics.
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  1. Thanks i have poor memory so being able to come back to this with the clear instructions you provide is life saver. Thank you 😚

  2. It looks very similar to cad 2016. For learning purpose I think cad 2007 is better because it force you learn the commands. Nice tutorial video btw.

  3. where can I get the software for cheap? Its been like 5 years and I need all the necessary programs and templates I can get

  4. Thanks for this.

    For all the thumb downs, poor souls. Please create a better version and post it on the comments. See if you can do better. I bet all you do is yap in the comments and can't even understand half of this. ☻☻☻

  5. hello when i enter the line command then only distance is shown but not showing the this video the is also shown by the line

  6. this video is good but if you're a blank slate, meaning you know zero about CAD drawing, you are moving waayyyyyyyy too fast.

  7. With autocad i cannot find r14dxf files. I am using sheetcam to gen g code for my plasma table. Is there a way to enable the r14dxf? or is the binary dxf file autocad has the same as the r14?

  8. So..?Crazy question…When I want to put "Limits" on.I type "limits", press Enter, then I put 0,0 Enter Then I put 17,11 Enter…::::::::My "Grid/Screen" should shrink to scale? Correct?::::::::If not?What did I do wrong?Or?Did I miss a set Before or After?

  9. Great video! Thanks for uploading this. Voice was clear and easy to understand, but a bit on the quiet side. Your videos are helping me out a lot.


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