Baby Lovebird Playing Birdie Games with Quaker Parrot


So, Chichi, my Creamino Baby Lovebird has decided to befriend Charlie, my Quaker Parrot. None of the other birds like Charlie, but he doesn’t seem to mind, he’s more of a ‘loner’. Chichi started following him all over the patio one day and decided to play ‘birdie games’ by trying to step on Charlie’s tail. It’s the same sort of ‘game’ the parakeets used to play with the Indian Ringnecks. They were so cute.

Yoshi, my Maroon Bellied Conure makes an appearance and also Lacey, my itchy little Shihtzu. Peatree, my other quaker is the loud mouth you hear in the background, he’s up on my shoulder.



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  1. Last year I adopted a quaker from a rescue and he too was a loner. My 6 yr old lovebird April has befriended him and follows him all over. I will try to get a video to put up one day. Its too cute how similar they are. I also have a parrotlet that lives with (and bosses around)a dusky conure. They are like us, they either like each other or they dont lol

  2. If you haven't already can you please make a video about Quaker Care? I am getting a Quaker Parrot soon sometime in the end of December. I am planning on getting him/her when she/he is a small baby and before she/he is weaned. Is it true that depending on the gender of the bird they can make a better pet? Such as would a male make a better pet than a female bird?

  3. Life is wayyy to serious. Ya gotta get silly sometimes. Lighten up – if ya don't like it – go watch something way to serious, sit in a corner and wait for your doom……..

  4. Yes, when I got Charlie, his one wing was like that. I don't know if he had flown into something when he was young and messed up his wing or if he was born that way. I recently let his wings grow out and he can fly just fine. I just have to be careful about that, quakers can be known to fly outside and get lost (actually most birds). they are then prey for hawks and such. Your bird's wing should both lie back flat.

  5. hey im new to your videos i have a quaker and i was just wondering is there something wrong with your quakers wings ? they look different then mine dose

  6. Thanks, there was no training. I just give attention to all the animals and I guess they just realize that we are all one big happy family. I never leave them unattended though.


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