Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky: Game 6 | 1972 World Chess Championship


Game 6 between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky from the 1972 World Chess Championship (Match of the Century) was the greatest one of the entire battle. It includes a rare beginning of the game by Fischer with 1.c4. This masterful chess game is best described by International Master Anthony Saidy as “It was like a symphony of placid beauty.”, and this exceptional moment in chess history has attributed to it a wonderful act of sportsmanship by Boris Spassky who, after the game, stood up and applauded Fischer for the masterpiece he just played. Game 6 is one of the greatest chess games ever played, and it propelled Fischer into the match lead, one that Spassky would not overcome. The match was held in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Internet Chess Club (ICC)

Translated in Portuguese (Brazil) by: Leonardo Louro Justino


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  1. The entire Soviet bulwark was with Spaasky. Fischer had nobody, but himself, not even his family to stand with him. In chess the name of Fischer holds centre stage.

  2. Wonderful attitude by Boris Spassky. Very classy. Also Spassky was the one who wanted to visit Bobby Fischer in the jail and stay there with him and the chessboard 🙂

  3. At 2:21 d5 whhy didnt Spassky use his pawn for the kill and use his knight to kill Fischer's which means, he will be left with a knigjt

  4. I don't understand y black resigned I could see ways in which he could have won can someone explain? Is it bc they had more games coming? Bc if it was final decisive game I don't get it he had a chance still should give up am I seeing too much or not enough?

  5. I saw this game a couple of years ago. I thought back then that it was a great game. Today, about 500 rating points higher I can appreciate the game so much more. What I love about many of Fischer's game is the subtlety and intuitive way in which he play. This game might have been his crowning achievement and it was a shame he retired right after winning the world championship.

  6. The Butterfly effect really takes hold in these chess games. My mind is blown every time elaborate outcomes come from simple moves I'd overlook.


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