What is BRAINball™?
BRAINball™ is an innovative and unique physical education learning system that merges physical activity and academic learning through play.

Instructors and students use 100 mini soccer and basketballs and 100 lesson plans to develop math, reading, grammar, spelling, anatomy and foreign language skills. In addition to the physical benefits, significant improvement will be seen in gross and fine motor skills, cooperative and cognitive learning. BRAINball™ can be incorporated into Adapted Physical Education programs as well as those teaching students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

BRAINball™ is broadly adaptable across elementary and secondary grades, and while an excellent tool for physical education, it is also perfect for use in the classroom, after-school, recreation and sports programs.

Why use BRAINball™?
Developed by the University School of Physical Education, Wroclaw, Poland in 2002, BRAINball™ has almost two decades of proven research published in numerous books, research publications, and doctoral dissertations. See our website for more information. Ask us how to set up a professional development workshop at your school.

What does BRAINball™ include?
Each set includes a lesson book filled with 100 games/activities, 100 mini basketballs and soccer balls (size 3) in five colors – red, orange, yellow, blue and green – and equipment bags. There are 40 yellow and 40 green basketballs with letters (upper & lower case) and numbers, 8 red and 8 blue soccer balls with math symbols, and 4 orange “wild card” (blank) balls. BRAINball™ book is not sold individually.


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