Building a Robot Arm for Resource Collection and Water Pumps! (Scrap Mechanic Survival Ep5)


Hey everyone and welcome to Scrap Mechanic Survival! Today we are building a robot drilling arm on the front of our car so we can collect stone resource nodes and get ready for lots of base building! Also installing a pump system to collect water while we mine!





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  1. I knew chatting with you at work one day would pay off lol (IF you even remember me!), Just grabbed Scrap Mechanic and loving the Survival, def having fun watching and learning at the same time lol

  2. 4:48
    KAN G: it respawn once you left the area.
    Me doing research on YT: it says 2 hours IRL to loot respawn on structures.

  3. If i put piston more speed will it go faster ??? and you have easy digger arm tutorial for drill. how to make.

  4. Hey Kan? I noticed that switch already had 2 things connected to it, the one that kept reporting 'max connections reached'. I don't think it was talking about the chair, i think it was talking about the switch. I'd look at that.

  5. I was able to make all the connections to the seat. My problem is my drill rig slides down even the shallowest of slopes no matter which way it is facing when stoped.

  6. What you should do with the robot arm is keep the left and right control the way it is, but have resting and mining on a switch. Have it in such a way that when you flip the switch it will move from on top of your vehicle to in front in one swift motion. After that you can set the fourth button to have it reach a little further allowing you to easily sweep the drill back and forth, breaking the rocks as it goes.

  7. You have 10 connections. You have 10 buttons for your hot bar. Three of your connections are not to buttons/switches. You have three empty slots on your hot bar. It's not a glitch, it's not broken, you just didn't realize that you were at max connections.

  8. Why do you have a walking animation when you're swimming?? Wth scrap mechanic?? I hope that'll get fix in another update or somethin

  9. kAN, use an suspension at the end of the drill arm, it will act much better when drilling, it will press your drill against the rock, but not your truck away 😉

  10. Not sure if this was said, but using a small suspension helps cushion the pushback when the drill hits the stone.

  11. I found it helpful to put drills/saws on a suspension spring so it has a bit of wiggle room when you push it into rock or tree

  12. can't belive you can't make a steam engine yet…. you have so much water and it's simple to add a furnace and some coal to mine and a piston engine that run on steam!

  13. Great Mechanic usually starving themselves because of they too focus on their works, but on the other hand, they are problem solver so they fix this problem by having a wife to be a somebody to cook for them.

  14. im sure you wont see this, but is there any way we can get a look at how the arm is wired? we get some glimpses, but never a full explanation. I would love to know because I was building a similar structure, but cant seem to get the wiring right without using a motor for each axis. Thank you in advance.

  15. Wow… Your world is so different from mine, lol. I thought it was a fixed map, didn't realize it was so variable.

  16. think that the seat did not register the buttons being added. so they could go over the max. then you tried the switch and it kept saying it was maxed out (which it was because of the buttons at the time)

  17. the shelf it the strongest most boient heaviest and generates the most friction in scrap mechanic. Idk y


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