Classic WoW: Is Multiboxing Good for the Game?


A very diving subject today, is multiboxing good for Classic WoW? Let’s take a look into the wild world of being your own raid team.

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Classic WoW 40 man multibox show!

WoW Vanilla BWL40 – Final Boss Fight Nefarian Multiboxing 39 accounts 1.12.1

Vegas TheMultiboxer
WoW – Multiboxing 5 Hunters – Arathi Basin Battleground

5-man Multibox Dungeon Training for World of Warcraft Classic

Multiboxing on Warmane Private WoW Server

Broim Broimsan
WOW Classic: Multiboxing 4 Mages [PvP]

Hardcore Scape
Multibox – WoW Classic – BRD – 80k xp/hour – 95 gold/hour – lvl 55



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  1. You can buy wow tokens , a multiboxer who bought 8 accounts only paid for BFA (first month is free) the monthly sub for the rest of these accounts life is by wow tokens he wont pay real money + he can buy wow tokens and use them as real money only useable in so he can buy anygame or any ingame shop thing he wants from (Gold) that he farmed ingame.

    So basically Blizzard is having fun right now cuz everyone is buying new accounts for multiboxing it is a real problem now u can see them every where in the game from old areas to new areas they are every where don't forget that multiboxing played a huge part in increasing the gold cap in the game alot of people are new to world of warcraft and they have no problem playing it like this cuz they did not try the old wow WOD MOP CATA etc when it was really hard to get 500k now more than 70% of the players new and old have more than 300k gold 🙂

    blizzard gona feel the pain of this decision (not banning multiboxing) in the future when no one gona pay real money not only in wow but in every activision / Blizzard game (anything that available in the BT store) that gona effect us world of warcraft fans cuz they wont have money to pay there employs and the old story where every employ gona leave gona happen again 🙂 i really wish they start think properly and let us play the game i cant do a quest or gear up without waiting more than an hour for the mobs to spawn and that boomy druid tag them -.- even if u change realm or phase out guess what another multiboxer 8 boomys farming more yes friends it is that bad they are everywhere while i am writing this i am beside a boomy horde in azuna right now :3

  2. So multiboxer will kill you for their personal gains but the game isnt fair any way so you shouldnt feel bad about it ! also they will make x4 the gold within a week your avarage joe makes in a month but hey who cares about em? They will also have advantage over on black market 😉 good luck ceompeting for an item a multiboxer wants . MOST importanty they will make cool shows in capital city but hey who cares if they are makin the zone lag ,they have pcs to entertain them selfs at least am i right?

  3. the level of mental gymnastics mulitboxers have put themselves through to be able to think its okay or even good for the game is honestly disheartening. one player should have the power of one player.

  4. As a multiboxer myself on Retail, I ofc enjoy multiboxing but I do see that it can be abused. I think that we should look more at the power of an individual when assessing if an instance of multiboxing has gone too far.
    I don't exactly see a problem with someone running their own raid should they want to do that on their own. But see it as a problem when they cause disruption that is un-natural and against the spirit of the game, such a causing lag or camping grave yards for an excessive amount of time.

  5. I don't like it.
    Group activities should be done in a group with other people not a bunch of virtual machines.

  6. How about you trying to farm mats in nazjatar to level your professions and not being able to see a single node because there are 5 stacks of 10 druids flying around in every shard of the game? Doesn't that count as gameplay disruption? This has been going on for months now.

  7. I got kicked from a BG because a Multiboxer didn't like me.. then he reported my account from all their accounts.. and he was working for a company that hires people to do nothing but multi box and said he was going to put me on a list so that the other multuboxers at their company would also report me if they ever saw me… f multiboxers, botters, and BG afkers…

  8. I dont care as long as it's used for fun.
    For example:
    This guy is being salty in chat, so you tell him by a tunnel: stop yelling at people or I will call my brothers!
    He tells you: Do it!
    Then 4 guys perfectly synchronized jump from the roof, landing right behind you.

  9. I never had a problem with it until they started to mass raid PVP. I que for a PVP battleground, just to end up with 1 or 2 people multi-boxing and one shoot anyone. Then they camp rare mobs in Panda land for xp boost. I could go on :/ another reason why I left the game.

  10. real multiboxer don't sell accounts… those are gold/account sellers that are "USING" multiboxing. They would do it with bots just as easily. Multiboxers value our accounts and time we put into them and want to use them and would never sell them.

  11. I rlly dont have so much friends to play (serious) the game,so I use this to do dungeons in the vanilla.
    The RDF helped me a lot in the later expansions.
    EDIT:I used to do this in private servers because of the low population but I bought 6 months of Classic Wow yesterday and I wont use mbx


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