Control Fix the NSC Coolant Pumps Directorial Override


Check out our Control Fix the NSC Coolant Pumps Directorial Override Walkthrough Part 9 to see how get to the coolant back in operation.

This part of the Directorial Override mission picks up as soon as you’ve finished talking with Ahti. You essentially need to head on over to the NSC Coolant Pumps and fire a few battery packs into them. However, there’s a tonne of Hiss enemies that try to slow you down and then when you get to the last pump it turns out there’s a blockage. When you go to investigate there’s a many-eyed killer slime monster chogging up the system, but as soon as you get rid of it and throw in the last battery pack you’re done.

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  1. I wish they added markers that show you where to go in case you can't find any of these rooms. I walked aimlessly for 1 hour trying to find these rooms. The in game map really sucks

  2. dude please if you're making a video titled "Fix the NSC Coolant Pumps Directorial Override" dont' spend almost half of it doing something else

  3. I was stuck on this for nearly 2 hours before I looked this up and I'm so fücking pissed. All I had to do was throw the box….kill me now 💀

  4. This game sets up objectives poorly, map useless, and shit is overall confusing. How is this even possible. Who the f**k even knew how to do what you showed us without a hint….fuck I hate this game. I'm shocked the was such a strong GOTY contender. The story is absolutely awful

  5. Ok, so I've cleared the whole game. But for some reason pump 3 is clogged again. Is this a glitch?!?! Generator will not reconnect.

  6. I killed soooo many of the exploding hiss on that area, but kept retreating so I guess it didn't count and the door never opened. Can't believe that made it through testing. Had to look online to figure out where the hell to go since the coolant pump door was blocked off. I must have killed like 50 of those exploding hiss over all. I guess you have to stand in that area, if you retreat up the ramp, the door doesn't open no matter how many you kill.

  7. I tried throwing the box at the thing above the gate first and not a goddamn thing happened. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do only to find out I apparently didn't throw it like I meant it or something

  8. I defeated the monster in pipeworks first before attaching the electric boxes. That huge monster creature never showed up for me from the elevator. I went aroud multiple times and nothing. Glitch maybe? Doing this in the correct order may be essential?

  9. I have climbed that tall power generater multiple times trying to go to the top … now I know that the security booth is in the ground floor … 30 minutes are wasted for nothing


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