Ellen Wille Changes GAME Wig Review | MOCCA ROOTED


A wig review of Ellen Wille GAME in the color Mocca Rooted from the new Changes collection! XOXO TAZ

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21.25” Circumference
7” Front hairline to chin
Height 5’2.5”

Music by www.bensound.com

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Nguồn: https://labiennale-israeli-pavilion.org/

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  1. Hello to you, I just ordered this wig and I ordered the color mocca rooted …. at first I wanted chocolate rooted but I was afraid that it was too dark ….. but now I have afraid that mocca rooted is too pale lollllll ….. you classify mocca rooted in which category, is it a pale color, or we can say that it's average ….. thank you very much for your videos presentation of wig ….. it really helps us a lot to choose a wig ….. for the color it still depends on the computer monitor …… again thanks to you …..

  2. Taz one of those pop up wig sales sites on FB is using one of your wig reviews to sell wigs. I just wanted you to know.

  3. You probably don't have time to answer this question, but I have searched your videos to see if i could find the answer. You are so knowledgeable, so I'll throw this question out hoping you have time.😊
    I love love love the Robin by noriko in nutmeg f. I bought it on your recommendation. Do you know a jon renau color that is comparable to the nutmeg f? Thank you and thank you for your wonderful videos. You are so beautiful! Cheers!

  4. I would agree with some that the part is a give away, BUT on a positive, everytime I decide you look so good as a blonde, no wait a redhead, no wait this brunette shade is gorgeous on you…you are a beautiful chameleon! As far as suggestions…I would love to see a series of red short cuts 😉

  5. Taz, if u have another sale, where do I find out about it? I rewatched ur vid from a few months ago & happily follow u on Instagram but IDK!… I think I heard u say u would tell us in a video? Again, your videos are always just what I need to see!

  6. Love the review of a darker color Taz! Thanks to Wigstudio1 for sending it so you can review a color you might not buy!

  7. Love that wig!! How do you keep them on? Having a tough time the front when you pulled it back looks like your hair. Help please

  8. Wow, love this style on you, Taz. And, the color is really pretty for a change… maybe Fall and Winter? Wish their caps weren’t Petite! Have a great week. Enjoy! Love you, Mary xoxo

  9. So pretty. Lovely dimensional color. I actually like Raquel Welch's lace fronts best (not her colors though) but this is fine. Great style on you, Taz. xoxo

  10. Oh my goodness, Taz ! You are wearing a wig in one of my colors ! I've just fallen in love with it ! This is just darling ! I have always loved short haircuts like this ! It's hard to find someone who really knows how to do the razor cuts these days. My mother was a hairdresser and took all the classes in Los Angeles. She could do these styles very well ! I'm glad I payed attention to what she was doing. I can get by, but I'm not even close to being the pro she was ! You are such a gift and blessing ! You always brighten my day ! All love and blessings to you, my friend !

  11. Really love this one Taz!! Love those layers!! The color looks soo rich looking!! You look Gorgeous in this color, and style!! Thank You for an amazing review as always!! Love XOXOXO

  12. This is a cute style with nice layering in the back. I don't like short styles on myself but decided to watch anyway. I am a little surprised at the cap construction. There isn't any room to pluck the part for those who want some of the mono to peek through. The strip of mono is a little too narrow. The lace front is done well.

  13. Game is my summer wig and workout wig…so comfy and lightweight. I don’t really use much of a part with mine. I love it in pastel blonde rooted and I love the piece-y bang. Great little cut!

  14. Love this style, so adorable and i love the color, very pretty. My only concern is the part looks alittle wiggy, or that was the way it was coming across to me,….but other than that i thought it was beautiful, thanks Taz, and again i loved your top, very pretty! 💕

  15. I bought this wig and love it. Perfect for summer. Mine is in a brunette color and the part is visible. I have mine combed down with the left side behind my ear and I have received some compliments on my “hairstyle”. Thanks for the review and other styling ideas Taz 💞.

  16. I really like Ellen Wille wigs. This wig looks beautiful on you . Also in this color. Thanks for sharing, Taz. 🤗💖

  17. This looks so carefree and easy to wear, yet cute and stylish. I love how you styled the bangs away from your face. Thanks for bringing this review to us!

  18. Very cute wig! The color is beautiful on you! You always do a fantastic job with your videos! Love your channel!

  19. I usually love the styles you present, and I am an Ellen Wille girl… however, this one is not my favorite. I don't care for the side part that looks just… dare I say… a little cheap. What I mean is that despite the front lace and monofilament, the parting area does look a lot like some budget wigs where the part itself isn't visible and hair comes out very tightly, which, IMO, looks unfortunately wiggy. I looked at other videos where this wig was featured and saw most models wear it with bangs down – yet you wear it with your usual raffinement, but sadly, the wig itself is not up to par with you.

  20. The color is great on you. The cut is super cute, but the hairline and rooting look quite wiggy. I think it's the density.


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