Four Shelves! (Oh Yeah!) • 12.15.16


I wanted to have a video game room in the apartment but it never happened. But here? It’s happening. And I’m really excited!

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  1. I don't remember which comedian had a joke about stuff (gc comes to mind) and seeing you worry about room for your stuff reminds me of it. Happy that I don't that collect much cause it just ends up being basically clutter, and I hate dragging more stuff around that I won't use. I think I realized then that I am not a collector. The only thing I ever had a drive to collect was all the Digimon world games. I absolutely adore Digimon World 3, and I think it is as good as any Pokémon game even though it m, according to all major game site critics, is not at all.

  2. Hey Stephen! I know your really busy right now, and it shows in you're videos since you aren't getting lots of sleep. Have you ever considered having a channel manager? Someone to add annotations and update things like that.

  3. I wonder if video game collections such as these will eventually become antiquated to the point that they will be equivalent to a museum display. Does anyone else feel as though digital downloads are turning physical copies of games into collectors items?

  4. 3:53 Maybe put them horizontal instead of of vertical. or is it the order way around?
    In other words, instead of putting like this |||||||||||| try to put them like this _ _ _ _ , maybe it'll save a place

  5. a project for making N64 covers, I guess that makes it project64! eh? eh?..(it's an N64 emulator).. I'll see myself out

  6. I just use cardboard boxes as shelves to shelf anime DVDs and Blu-Rays. is there a better alternative to that?

  7. I really like the idea of putting the systeme boxes on the top of the shelves ! I might do the same once I get my own place (plus, I'm short, so If I put stuff on there, I wouldn't be able to access it anyway). That's some good use of spare space !

  8. Here's what I've been wondering…

    Having a video-game collection is great and everything, but how often do you guys actually dip in and play some? It usually seems like the only video-games you play are for the channel, and aren't played recreationally. I understand that you guys have a very busy schedule, and might not even feel like playing games (given that it's what you do for a living… All the time.) but I really hope the Gaming/Work room will be open for all your friends to enjoy.

  9. Just wanted to say before the Cali folk arrive that I appreciate all the hard work y'all do. I've really enjoyed seeing the house come together!

  10. You need a spa day Stephen. There are circles around your eyes and your starting to have baggage under your eyes.

  11. That room looks great and will probably look amazing later on. I love these house upgrade vlogs recently. Keep it up you guys! 🙂

  12. How exactly do you organize those shelves, because it looks very unorganized…

    Must resit urge to find the house and organize shelving in the middle of the night.

  13. love the idea of the collections being on display, it allows people and friends who visit to play almost any game on the original hardware an re live some old memories.

  14. You probably investigated this but could you fit more Universal Game Cases if you turned them the other way? Stack 6 vertically in 3 columns? I guess that would be way less. Hmm.

  15. I am so unbelievably jealous of those Game shelves you have no IDEA

    You finally have a game room wooo o/


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