FREDDY FOLLOWED YOU HOME | Joy of Creation: Story Mode – Part 1


The Joy of Creation STORY MODE is finally here! Join me as we play one of the best Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games ever made!
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  1. When foxy is on your room and your sleeping, You be like
    ''Foxy The spotlights are off Come back later''
    Michael does say in the call
    '' Foxy sees eyes as there like big bright spotlights''

  2. Bonnie is well more respectful than my siblings cuz Bonnie would knock
    But my siblings would just BARGE IN MEH ROOM when I’m clearly busy

  3. Sooooo….. The main charachter is Michael afton. _. I mean he will die in sister location bc he's organs will get scoop out lol rip Michael bc he is hearing Elizabeth's, cris voice XD

  4. I love how the bedside lamp lights up nothing but the drawer its sitting on, and in real life a tiny lamp lights up the whole room

  5. Chika idk how to spell dont mind the spelling

    Chika:this kid clothes smells good huh maybe his body taste good too ima get him

    Kid:aaaaaa!!!!! I never took a shower so i dont taste good!!

    Chika:W-what!?! But why does your clothes smell good?

    Kid:ow that’s perfume want some?*kid puts perfume on chika*

    Chika:thx i smell good now i dont stink like in the game

  6. In the beginning when the person who u play as said:my mum my dad the one he never had…..type lol if u get it

  7. Why is it that so many people that play joy of creation first thinks in order to play, they must first press the play button.


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