FREDDY'S COMING FOR YOU… | The Joy of Creation: REBORN #1


Five Nights at Freddy’s is FREE ROAM now! It’s so much more terrifying when Freddy is stalking the halls for you…
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  1. why does it seem like everytime i watch him play he breaks the game. this happend in little nightmare as well.

  2. When i ask Google: Hey Google play the Joy of creation markiplier she know exatly thats the playlist with all mark's the Joy of creation videos i mean.

  3. just got my 2nd pc and that pc is for gaming and the other one is for markiplier gameplay so while playing fnaf games i have markipliers voice to make me feel not alone hehehe

  4. at the end of the video when he sneaks up behind the freddy and gets scared i threw my hands up and hit myself in the face 🙁


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