Funny VR Fails And Reactions 😂 [Epic Laughs]


These people are just not ready for it. 😂
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Epic Laughs prepared for you a video of Virtual Reality Fails, check it out!

So there you have it! Virtual Reality Fails. These people are just not ready for it. 😂

Brandon Peterson
Dad VR Fail

VR tree climbing fail

DeVolved Gamer
Virtual Reality Fail- Girl Skydiving in Last Sniper VR Falls

Playstation VR fail

Dean Murphy
Hilarious VR Freak out fail on Resident Evil 7.

VR Selfie Fail – HTC Vive

Girlfriend VR Fail.

Lawrence Fox
Heidi VR Fail (Wall Climb Fall)

Evan Conver
Vr roller coaster fail!

Zombie _ bone187
VR fail

cherish Mitchell
VR fail

Jesse Ogden
VR Shark Fail

Curiosidades Mundo
Realidad Virtual FAIL #3 VR

Oliver Muehlberg
Sony VR-Fail

Brad Herman
#SelfieTennis gone wrong. VR Wall Fail.

Zain Gohar
PlayStation VR FAIL

Sam Fresco
VR Fail

Chieftain Choof
VR Fail

Morten Føreland
Funny first time VR, fail

Silviu Anita
VR FAIL !!!!

Samsung S7 VR “Sisters” game funny reaction

Manuel Deias
Reazione oculus DK2 GEAR VR bowling oristano sha tech realtà virtuale fail 2016

layton carpenter
Funny vr fail

Totes Vidya
Totes VR Fail At PAXAus

Lawrence Fox
Elliot VR Fail (SMASH HD TV)

Qazi Gaming
Funniest Gear VR Fail Ever , Hilarious Freak Out

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Virtual Reality Fails:

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  1. I will never understand why people play VR in such tight spaces, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I also think anybody who lets a kid under the age of 5 play VR is an absolute fucking idiot and don’t tell me otherwise

  2. So many of those setups are disasters waiting to happen (and in some cases already happened). Having it in the same room as an aquarium? Really?
    There are safety procedures that need to be followed when it comes to VR.

  3. The clip that doubles as this video's thumbnail seems kinda fake to me. I mean, I've been with some people getting freaked out in VR, but that guy is going absolutely berserk! I mean, he's not even trying to get up. The reaction is just a little too unbelievable.

  4. First of all… who let‘s little children use vr? (Who let‘s little kids play games in general)
    Second… how dumb can you be to sit/walk next to a person playing vr where you habe to use the controllers?


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