Game Room Update 2019 | A NEW SHELF


It’s time to start a large scale reset of the Game Room/YouTube space! First step is to clear some room for new shelves and new games.

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  1. Hey Jak, what do you use to get your fan art on the walls? I use blue tack but I need to know if there is a better thing to have artwork on the walls.

  2. I’m a new subscriber and impressed with your collection. Love the Crash and Spyro figures and admire all the hard to acquire gaming items like that DDR mat. Anyway, love the videos. Keep up the awesome content and looking forward to seeing more of your reviews!

  3. After every video all I can think is that you deserve so many more subs man, definitely my favourite game review channel by far.

  4. I love these videos seeing the timelapses of everything being organised into place. Those shelves look really neat too… I'm thinking of getting one myself one day and utilising it's size to clear out the floorspace

  5. You are a fucking hard worker, mate. My legs would be hurting before it even hits an hour. And I'm not even fat. A bit chubby admittedly, but not fat. I work a weekly job, so I am doing something with my body at least.

  6. I was hoping for a porn joke at the desk. But I'm proud of you man you are doing great. Keep going…also that building service I'd gladly take you on that because I'm gonna need some hands for a shit ton of shelves.

  7. I will never understand how it is you work so hard and so long, and only come up with 21k subs. Nor how you make room for another shelf.


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