Game Sleuth: Mystery of the Dragon Booster Codes


Back during the days of Pop Fiction at GT, an avid fan of the show requested several times for us to cover the following mystery. It involves a little-known cartoon show called Dragon Booster and a DS game based on the series. Cheat codes were made available in the first volume of the DVD release in the US, but no other volumes saw the light of day. 3 cheat codes appeared in the extras, but if you search on most cheat code sites, there are 11 codes listed for the game. 3 of those 11 are from the DVD, but where did the other 8 come from?

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  1. For me, my older brother, older sister and I ALWAYS looked forward to an epic new episode, every Saturday morning on the CBC channel. In our case for Time Warner Cable (what it was called back then), that was channel 17. It was known as WNED on the weekdays, but on Saturdays, it turned into CBC! Even now as an adult, I'm the only one of us three left, who still gets the epic thrill from watching my favorite episodes of this show, over and over again. I still really wish the show had enough support, that it could've gone on for that 4th season, Dragon Booster Academy! Too bad you have to have a Facebook account just to sign the petition, to bring the series back! I'm still working on trying to bribe my older siblings who have such accounts, to sign their names on that petition for me. I choose not to have a Facebook account, because it's way too popular for my taste.

  2. If y'all are trying to make one fan happy? I've been posting over & over & over for years hoping you'd cover: "Is Adam Bomb in WrestleMania: The arcade game?"

  3. I only just realized that the main character's name is Artha Penn, and he rides a dragon, and Arthur Penndragon was king Arthur's full name. Artha Penndragon.

  4. jesus i barely remember this shit but i remember that the DS game was the LAST xmas gift my grandma got me before passing talk about a nostalgia trip

  5. How can I download this dragon booster game in Google Play Store? Can you please explain that in another video….

  6. Guys, just remember that they only did this because of a passionate fans request. And I dunno about you, but I love how they go to great lengths to uncover the myths/secrets of games without just resorting to datamining. Makes the whole ordeal more interesting. Not to mention, excellent narrative

  7. Guys, are you kidding me??? How did you not mention, let alone find out about the mystery codes in this game? I thought that’s what you were referencing with the title! There are more than eleven codes, whoever told you otherwise is a liar. But the additional codes have effects that were never found out. I remember reading about them in an Issue of Tips and Tricks back in the early to mid 2000’s. Please somewhere bring awareness to this comment, pin it or something! I’ve always wanted to know what those codes did!

  8. Maybe those guys extracted the game's code(s)…? You can do that easily… Also, they could've done it arithmetically or using some form of trial-and-error sequences of trys…?

  9. YAY! More from the makes of PopFiction!! Honestly though, People who watch this review really should check out the actual TV series. As a longtime fan of the series myself, This game is a far, far, FAR cry from the creativity and heart of the actual series. Search "Dragon Booster review" on You-Tube to see my comprehensive review of the show on my other channel. 🙂

  10. This kinda reminds me how I had a Nicktoons game on the DS(the last Nicktoons game I think) where the last page of cheats have never been found. You can unlock the cheats through the game, but I’m pretty sure I 100% the thing. No sites have the last page either.

  11. I personally would've just chalked up the obtaining of the other codes as "datamined". Granted, I'm not a programmer, so I don't know if these types of cheats really can be found through datamining or not

  12. This is interesting because I don't care at all for a cartoon I vaguely remember seeing once or twice in my childhood, but I'm super fascinated to learn about some obscure series that is all most on the brink of becoming forgotten, and this small quest to learn about the tiny secrets it had. It's fascinating to know that even a tiny book in the massive library that is all the art humanity has created had an interesting story like this, and a small dedicated fanbase that are still holding on to it. Now if you excuse me I will go back to my niche fanbases of medabots, Etrian Odyssey, and others

  13. As a fan of some semi-obscure and long finished/mostly forgotten TV series, thank you for the effort that was put into this.

  14. I…just want you to know I love the Game Sleuth stuff we NEED more!! The vide is awesome and its like a trip back to memory lane. Its executed really well


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