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Scott gets asked, “What brings you in today?”


Music Used:
“Forest Maze” from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
“The Beginnings of Gales” from Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
“Inside a House” from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
“Gay Time” by Alan Perry
“Seaskape” from Splatoon
“Spring Yard Zone” from Sonic the Hedgehog
“Main Theme” from Halo
“Mr. Resetti” from Animal Crossing
“Bloody Tears/Monster Dance (Castlevania II)” from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
“Viridian City” from Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee
“Blast Man” from Mega Man 11
“The Cavern’s Scraps” from Tearaway
“Obstacle Course” from Wii Fit Plus
“Stage Select” from NES Remix
“Chemical Plant (Classic)” from Sonic Generations
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes


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  1. I never knew GameStop’s were like this. The workers there don’t really tell me a lot about membership and we’re friends with a lot of workers there.

  2. I hate it when I wanna go buy a game and the guy at the register thinks I'm 11 when I'm much older than that.

    Now whenever I go to GameStop, I have to bring something like my birth certificate and show that I am indeed old enough to bypass the ESRB rating for Vsmile games

  3. every one of your videos i watch i want to dislike you but i just cant keep making dope videos you got a sub from me

  4. I got a new copy of bioshock: the collection for PS4 at GameStop. They put the (used) discs In the display case and I still had to pay the new price.

    Oh and idk why they used to put the price sticker on the art instead of the plastic in front of the art, because it’s a way harder to do because you’d have to take the art out of the case, put the sticker on, then put it back in the case.

  5. nothing like trying to buy a game and hope you look old enough to get away with it only to have the employee stare you down and be like "why the fuck is this 14 year old girl unattended in the mall trying to buy bayonetta with her friends"

  6. what you gotta do is go to a game store in my home town called the exchange because they are perfect for game collectors since they probably have every game you can imagine and the prices are not to bad

  7. I went to my local gamestore a few decembers ago and the Christmas jumper section was bigger than the Xbox one section.

  8. My Local EB Games/ GameStop setup is basically 15% Switch, 15% XBOX, 15% PlayStation, 10% Game accessories, 20% Plushies and funko pop figures and 25% Board games, Lego, Nerf guns and Cosplay crap. I find it funny how some of the employees there are actually annoyed of all of the stuff that isn’t related to games and are taking like half the store.

  9. Scott, I need to know where that ds rant gamestop is!!!!! I've been looking for pokemon diamond and I can't find it anywhere!!!

  10. I bought a bunch of games from GameStop online and a few of them didn’t have the original case, so I went to my local GameStop and they let me swap out the generic cases with the original art.

  11. I actually have a great GameStop over by me. I get sensory overload easily and the employees are super understanding. I had a panic attack once and they all tried to help me out. So wholesome.

  12. toys r us back in the day! they'd have a flip card attached to a rack. youd see the front cover, flip it to read what the game was all about and if you had enough money, you'd pull the slip andv take it to the counter. there, the clerk would finalize the transaction, then you'd take the receipt to the pick up booth. you hit the button and an automated message would signal the pick up booth employee. it sounded like, "customer service to the pick ups foods please"…yes I said "pick up foods."

    the pick up booth clerk would find your game and as they did, you'd look at all the other games that were out of your price range, and thus better than the one you just bought.

    it was a hell of an experience!

  13. I once went to GameStop to trade in a game, and the employee gave me the amount of money that I would need to buy the game as a new, plus tax. Instead of getting like $15 for Ark, I got around $60 for the trade.

  14. 7:56 I'm not exactly sure, but I think they may have done this to me when I bought a new copy of Splatoon 2


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