Game Theory: Why You Can't Save Aerith With a Phoenix Down! (Final Fantasy 7)


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One of the most memorable, and heartbreaking, moments of the original Final Fantasy 7 game was the death of Aerith. No matter what you do, how many saves you load, there is no way to save her. Not even the Phoenix Down works! It’s always bugged me that this resource made to save people from death, couldn’t save this beloved character. Why IS that? Today, it’s time to pluck some feathers and see if we can find an answer to this fowl question!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker  
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Forrest Lee, and Koen Verhagen
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  1. Uhh matt this theory does kinda proves this theory wrong since you can actually see her in the church thingy but there is a way to interact with her i really forgot how but pls search 20+ year old ff7 easter egg finally solved and aerith majin easter egg pls if this comment makes sense well idk

    Edit: the video i seen is just an april fools prank qwq

  2. The game theorists are wrong there’s so many good games including warface a free shooting game online btw.

  3. Isn’t each final fantasy supposed to be set in different worlds with only a few connected? I don’t know I’ve never played any of them.

  4. My understanding before watching is that characters who are downed in battles aren't dead, but just unconscious, as that's how most RPGs I've played work. Phoenix Downs only revive the unconscious, and can't bring the dead back to life and Aerith died.

    But hey, I've never played a FF game, just a couple other JRPGs.

  5. the thing you forgot, being stabbed like that ingame can you only harm you as much as a ko, while it is instant death in cutscene

  6. Now see, you mention Animal Crossing as a time passer.

    Wrong. DBZ Kakarot is a great time passer. New Horizons is a time CONSUMER.

  7. She didn't died, she finished casting holy before Sepharoth stabbed. The real question is : what is exactly holy material do? I think it make the user "be one with the force/force ghost". In this case, one with the planet/lifestream. She gave up her physical body to be one with the planet. So technically her spirit still alive?

  8. Matpat: games that are here are coming in 2020

    forgets fnaf security breach

    me: degkrgwurg3wurgwuegdsgfaywfg

  9. I was today years old when I realized Phoenix DOWN was DOWN FEATHERS and not the direction downwards/being "downed" in battle

  10. Well, the first one to try that method was Faris on Galuf (V) and it didn't end well either, if I recall correctly.
    And if someone raises the "And the Phoenix plume? Or Rise/Arize?", Lenna tried that too. Alas at no avail (of course, if I still remember correctly).
    And please, for GOD SAKE, no Rinoa = Ultimecia theory. Please.

  11. Hold on, if Phoenix down does help unconscious people, and aerix isn’t actually dead, wouldn’t that make this theory wrong, and if it’s right, the other one is wrong. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.


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