GIVING UP MURLOCS FOR PARROTS?! – Hearthstone Battlegrounds


Hearthstone Battlegrounds – I guess Parrot needed a nerf. You must never challenge the end game Murloc build!
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  1. Imagine skipping a hydra with two macaws and a golden spawn, then skipping another after you got a baron, while on tavern 5 and keeping some trash murlocs instead. Pepega play from kripp

    Edit: then he buys a brann and skipps another hydra at 14:30 holy moly man

  2. I’m so tired of parrots man, like it really needs to be a tavern 4 card, even three feels far to generous for a card the basically is a win more card.

  3. Boat actually, in hypothetical terms, can summon another boat. It's an extremely specific scenario but is entirely possible. If Boat happens to summon an Nat Pagle, Extreme Angler who gets overkill and spawns a chest, there is a chance you could have infinite Boats so long as the loop held.

  4. Captain Kripp got one chance t' go fer a voyage this game from a golden plunder, but ignored it fer some landlubber’s scarecrow that didn’t see much use. Waste o' a good galleon if ye ask me

  5. had a 92% chance to lose in the second to last round. still got a tie, which let him survive to win "we were very slightly lucky to win this" Uh huh….

  6. uhhhh yeah, so niiiice, parrots are the best … that is or course until kripp gets tired of them and suggests to ban them or nerf them or whatever then the card will die just as every other OP one

  7. There is a bug in game with sky pirate, if you stole it as Rafaam ( if Macaw will trigger Scallywag's Deathrattle) and play it in Bobs tavern it will attack. I did with yo-ho- ogre in bobs tavern, then yo-ho triggered also and killed one of my sapwns. All my minions get perma +1/1 buff.

  8. Only Kripp would bitch about winning. He’s like, “unlucky, I got wrecked” as he wins and deals 9 damage to his opponent.

  9. Can someone explain the reason that Krip kept the skally wag( the 2 1 pirate) on the turn 2 against hooktusk I cannot see the benefit of that play

  10. That parrot birb is dumb broken with Goldrin/Baron. That trio is so insanely easy to pull off that SOMETHING needs to be nerfed. The multiplication of effects is just too much. Maybe not nerf it, but add in a direct counter to it somehow. Like, a unit that gains the buffs of the target it attacks or something.(after the attack resolves, so it wouldn't gain Divine Shields before the hit) Could be cool and still dies horribly when being attacked itself, and poison counters it hard as well, like all big minions.

  11. Parrots are NUTS right now. I just finished a game with a golden parrot, golden goldrin and a golden baron. The parrot would attack and buff my entire board (minus the baron) by 48/48. Then the goldrin would do another 24/24 when it died. I finished in first place and all I lost was the baron and the goldrin in the final fight.


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