How did The Burning Crusade Change World of Warcraft?


Part 2 of this series (hopefully with a title that makes more sense now)
Let’s look at what evolution WoW went under during TBC, and find out what new content was added to the game.


Music used, In order:

Nagrand Music:
Terrokar Forest Music:
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Zangarmarsh Music:
Outro – A small track from Winterspring, “Winterspring 5”



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  1. i have a love/hate relationship with these videos looking back on WoW. this was the first and only video game i could play for countless hours. since the end of wrath i have been looking for a game to fill this void and have yet to find one. at this point it looks as tho there never will be one. sad reality but good times back in the day.

  2. You didn't mention hunter once in 10 minutes. Maybe dont be a favotitist. Good God what a waste of my time waiting and expecting you to say relevant information to my class.

  3. you actually just ripped off preach's legacy of the burning crusade video lol, making alot of the same points probably directly stolen and just reworded to seem inconspicuous and straight up ripped some of the footage..
    it doesnt make this a bad video really but god damn its lazy and easy

  4. Character changes from vanilla to tbc series…
    Its clearly going to happen, so first one out of the gate gets the most hits.

  5. i am for TBC although am just curious as to what happens after. we're replaying this entire series, for what? Eventually there will be a time we get bored of TBC

  6. I feel that the normal flying speed wasn't enough to scape, remember trying to escape flying with my 60% speed mount just to getting nuked by one spell. The fast mount wasn't able to get it until Cata.

  7. I know people shit on the tbc atunements but I much prefer this to pathfinder in bfa because yes it is complicated but you can just do it whenever you want and don't have anything artificially keeping you down because can't get Tortollan world quests

  8. guys, I honestly can't remember – but was fraction change possible in BC? (Since, I got a shaman, which I'd love to transfer to alliance), cheers guys 🙂

  9. you forgot the gold in the daily quests. helped people with less time to get the gold they needed. and for your wotlk video. dont forget it stopped the growth of wow. so it did so much wrong that not more people were interested in playing it. what makes it the worst expansion as the groundwork for the decline of wow was set up in wotlk.


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