How did Warlords of Draenor Change World of Warcraft? Part 1/2


Well, here we are. Warlords of Draenor. Im quite excited to really dig into this expansion and see what changes it made, and honestly it had more good points than I remembered.
The problem was it just didn’t really have much overall.

Let’s do this
Lord of War:

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Intro: Times Change, WoD Soundtrack:
A light in the Dark:
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Outro – A small track from Winterspring, “Winterspring 5”



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  1. If WOD only lasted like 10-12 months then it would of easily rivaled legion in terms of how good the content we had was

  2. Idk why, but I can't stand that super stylized, weirdly static art style for the cinematics. Its just horrible, why didn't they just stick with the regular wow art style and maybe just a bit updated. No need to go so Japanese styled or whatever the hell it is. Its terrible

  3. Warlords, despite the hate, had some amazing raids, a fun levelling experience (for the first couple of times at least)and imo some really fun dungeons. The problem was, they were trying to push 1 year expansion cycle (after Activision's CoD franchises etc) which they quickly realised would never work for WoW. Which led to the emptiness of end game content and the infamous 6.1 'selfie patch'. It was doomed to fail from the start, but it's good points were definitely good in my opinion.

  4. I really hope we can one day get Gladiator Stance back. I love the look of sword-and-shield + heavy armor, but it's never really available as a DPS loadout outside of singleplayer games like Skyrim where DPS doesnt matter as much.

  5. If they ever get around to Classic WoD, they should just rework the expansion and unscrap all the content promised. There was so much that could have been good if they had given it more time, and I’ve always wanted to see the expansion get the love it deserved, but it just wasn’t good.

  6. WoD was disappointing because of all the missed opportunities this expansion had to be be great were wasted. However, some parts of it were good. BFA was a half-assed effort by Blizzard to reintroduce a Alliance Vs. Horde story whe the xpac should've been an Old God expansion focused on N'zoth. Except what do we get? A stupid story that tries and fails it's hardest to make Sylvanas the "Bitch Queen" by making her character a sudden genocidal maniac that doesn't calculate anything. Her character was sort of genocidal but it was always stated that she always thought out her strategies and kept everything secret but above all she considered the Forsaken her people and cared about them. This xpac, she kills Saurfang with no honor, tells the Forsaken to fuck off, and beats the current Lich King with the ease of a schoolyard bully taking candy from a baby then she leaves to the Shadowlands. I haven't even gotten to BFA so here I go.

    1. A worse artifact power system than the one Legion had.
    2. Gearing became a slot machine RNG fest because a high ilvl Azerite piece could only be determined to be useful if the Azerite traits were good enough.

    3. The corruption system.
    4. The ridiculous achievement and rep grind required, in order to unlock flying in BFA being worse than Legion's.
    5. Making World Quest, Assaults, and Island Expeditions feel like chores rather than fun additional content.
    6. Professions became more useless this xpac.
    7. Locking out certain parts of the War Campaign storyline (which is a REQUIREMENT in order to complete the BFA flying achievement) by making it to where you couldn't progress further in the story until you hit a certain reputation level with the Honorbound faction.
    8. Blizzard's disrespectful use and underwhelming treatment of the Old God N'zoth. SPOILERS he gets zapped by a big beam from the neck item you have and then Blizz rips off Lord of the Rings: Return of the Ring by copy/pasting the scene where Sauron's tower falls and the eye expodes.
    9. Making this expansion the most alt unfriendly expansion in the history of this game.
    10. The total disrespect and treatment Blizzard has given to Saurfang. This is stated with my gripe of Sylvanas at the beginning but this is more general. He doesn't die an honorable death. Hell, the fight wasn't even that good in cinematic form. It's an OP elf woman slowly bullying an old, tired orc to death. I would've preferred that Saurfang had died in an actual battle than to have seen that cinematic.

    Anyways, those are my gripes with BFA and WoD has less than a half of this number.

  7. Honestly Karabor and Shattrath were so disappointing, imagine if we had those capital cities and another raid in Shattrath.

  8. Warlords of draenor does not change warcraft, it has ruined it. Draenor patch is biggest failure of wow. This is the patch when I lost faith in wow and eventually dropped it.

    Draenor remooved every little thing what holded warcraft toghether: Proffesions gone, gathering gone, unique proffesion bonusses gone, low tear proffesion items and grinding gone, economy gone. it was a disaster and it had such good advertising. It broke my heart.

  9. Warlords has immense potential, the environments and story were incredibly unique and fun, but instead they decided fuck it were doing demon stuff now and deleted all that potential in a blink of an eye. Truly a tragedy of an expansion.

  10. “I don’t know why they don’t bring Gladiator Stance back”
    Because it was COMPLETELY broken. It was the top DPS in launch, and they had to nerf it hard, then no one played it. They couldn’t be bothered to micromanage one talent that was essentially a whole spec in one.

  11. I can't remember the exact wording but at some point I did hear one of the dev's talking about glad stance. He basically said something along the lines of the loot being the problem. Dps warriors were wanting tank stuff, tanks were wanting dps stuff too incase they switched to glad stance.

  12. The 30 dislikes are from Vaulty and his alt accounts being mad that he didn’t think of this epic series before WillE :’)


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