How I Display My Video Game Collection


I have over 800 video games in my collection. It’s not a lot by any means, but I have a lot of fun building it. I have a really small space in my apartment dedicated to my video games. I also have a lot of art that I use to augment my collection.

I’ll give you a bit of a tour and let you know what kind of shelves I used to display all my games.

Zelda Poster

Mario Propaganda Prints

Ikea Billy

Ikea Bekant

Ikea Gnedby

Ikea Kallax

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  1. Hey thanks for stopping by! How many games are in your collection? Do you have a large space or small space?

    Don't forget to like this video if you haven't already!

  2. I have a question, if the gnedby shelves are equally spaced how tall is every cubby? Im trying to figure out how many ps4 xbox one games would fit. Thank you

  3. Why collect loose games? I'll never get that. Judging that will never play 800games, collecting af this stage is for covert arts… Sell them and slowly buy complete games with beautiful covers

  4. Cool tour! I do the same thing keep some stuff in boxes and every once in a while swap em toys for sure they take up so much space :'D

  5. Always enjoy seeing game rooms and setups. Love the idea of rotating what you have in your collection.
    Those art prints are wonderful too! Hopefully you'll have a huge space to be able to get these all out for everyone to see a lot easier!
    We've picked up some of those flat-backed 8-bit figures. We put some magnets to their back and display them that way.
    At 800–is there a specific title you would already want to be that 1,000th game?

  6. Really nice set up man! The 11×17 prints shouldn’t be that hard to get, considering that’s a standard size of paper. This is giving me some good ideas for my set up!

  7. Love your gamecube Q!
    If you're concerned about shelving that's too deep (or doesn't have a back) and want to display games on them, you can place a piece of wood across the width of the shelf (Stick with velcro, Glue, or even Sticky Tack for a less permanent option) and when you put games on the shelf, they'll stop at the strip of wood, be even from the front, and wont fall off the back. 🙂

  8. I think you may have a problem, ha ha. Cool room, dude! I wish I could display my games, but I just don't have the space. All of my games are in drawers. Cool artwork ya got there, too!

  9. This is an excellent video. Not only showing the collection off but giving a reason beyond that for people to watch. Going in depth on the actual shelving and stories behind why things are where they are is how everyone should put collection videos together.
    Bravo, dude! Bet you can’t wait to someday move into a larger, more permanent place!

  10. I don't think I've counted mine lately but over 800 is a lot! 1:32 OMG I keep looking for this book everywhere! One of the few I vividly remember having growing up and weird seeing a strategy guide written in long form :p I have Kallax as well but use them mostly for collectible displays and not for game cartridges. 64 games are the WORST for displaying. Love that Bowser art! I think it's really well laid out and love that you showed exactly which storage solutions you were using 🙂

  11. Displaying and storing n64 games is the bane of my collection.
    Intellevision is probably a runner up to it.

    You made great use of a very small space. My collection is somewhere north of 1000 titles right now, and I'm in a room that's roughly 25X12 feet and I feel like I'm running into space issues.

  12. Really nice collection. It honestly looks like you have much more space than I do. I don’t have everything displayed because I just don’t have the space. I’m gonna look into some of those shelves you have. I need some, and I like the ones that you use.

  13. Sick collection man! I'm always looking for better storage space for my ever-growing collection. People have seen bits and piece of my collection in my videos, but I've never done a full look over video of it.


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