How to Build a 1400+ High Capacity DVD and GAME SHELF, PS2, XBOX, SEGA Saturn – Retro GP


Here I will show you how to build a custom High Capacity DVD and Game Shelf with less than 60.00 in wood. It will hold approximately 1440 DVD Cases when assembled to the specs in this video. RETRO GP UNITE!!

You will need a space close to 8′ tall and 8′ wide. Adjust the materials below accordingly for smaller areas.
2 – 1″ x 6″ 8′ Pine Boards – About 7.00 each
10 – 1″ x 4″ 8′ Pine Boards – About 4.00 each

Total 54.00

Here is where I found the original instructions and changed them for games.

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  1. Hey thanks man. We just repainted downstairs a dark brown. So the light brown shelves look ugly so I think I'm gonna build a nice big wall hugging shelf like the one you have here and paint it black. Thanks for the great video!

  2. This is a little extreme, for most… You should have used Nicer wood, but good work.

    Oak shelves would have been great.

  3. Looks great bud. I always wonder why people who takes the time to build shelves like these doesnt paint them in the process?

  4. This was super helpful and shows off your craftsman side! You do make a good point in the beginning A LOT of channels have been recently showing off how they build shelfs or show what they installed in building their game rooms! Good Stuff =^)

  5. ok that looks great man! i'm gonna keep this in mind for when i redo my gameroom (again :p). i'm always trying to improve and use the most of my space. love the channel! Giving you a sub! Feel free to check out my channel as well! I do pickups, unboxings, reviews, gameplays… Cheers & game on!

  6. Great "behind the scenes" coverage, showing us how you built the shelf, awesome..! Marcus the Builder 👍❤

  7. Nice! Looks good, simple and efficient. I should try to do something like this because my 3 Wal-Mart bookshelves are getting saggy.

  8. Nice! A couple questions.

    1) Do you anchor this to the wall at any point? Asking because it would probably not be a bad idea if you don't haha.

    2) Do you treat the wood at all? I've used shellac on mine but would like to line it with some sort of paper or fabric. Something a bit softer/easier on the cases. The raw sanded wood tends to scuff things up over a while.

  9. that's a really great idea for storing your games, I usually buy a book shelf from a store and make it work but in future I might look into making my own as then I'll have more flexability.

  10. Looks great Marcus. I can't imagine having to build one by myself. With my brother building my was a huge pain.

  11. Definitely an interesting take on storage for games. It's got the creative juices flowin' here. Thanks for the info!


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