How to Play 4D Chess


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  1. this should've been the only way to solve problems between two nations instead of wars. just by winning anyone already asserting their dominance to others human being.

  2. I'm angry and politically charged!!!!
    For people without laser-cut acrylic, you could also cut 4 cheap cardboard chess boards into quarters and lay them out in a 4×4 grid

  3. In order to make this make even a little bit of sense in my head, I had to refer to the 4th dimension as time.
    The knight really helped me wrap my mind around it with the examples (2 spaces left, 1 leap in time or 2 leaps in time, 1 space up) especially cause the bishop was the most confusing movement.
    That said, I think if I ever tried recreating this for any reason I'd make each "dimension" themed after a different time period, like a past vs future thing

  4. Somehow we need to show this to Hikaru Nakamura and get him to play. (He's a chess "Super-Grandmaster" and streamer)

  5. that's a really cool idea, in fact with this concept you could go infinite, you just have to re-use distincly one of the 3 existing dimension you put 4 board to simulate the 4th dimension re-using a flat dimension, but if you put 16 board you could use both flat dimension and you'll be in 5d, if you use 64 board you can re-use all 3 dimension or just add another flat dimension you'll be in 6d, but 4d already seem to be very hard.

  6. Ah cool another Tech chanel that feels the need to get political for no fucking reason other than to Virtua signal.


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