Ice Cube – WestSide Problems (Ft. 2Pac & The Game)



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I am a student, which means I’m still going to school 5 days a week, + I work hard in a restaurant to pay the bills. Since I love mixing oldschool songs, I can’t stop doing that, so I have to make time for that too. That means I don’t have much time for the other things I love and my friends. This message is ONLY for the people that can afford to help me.

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Song name: West Side Problems
Artists: tupac shakur, Ice cube
Made by: Mimo , Mimotupac1992 ( me )
Beat: Go to sleep ( By Eminem, 50 Cent ( G Unit ) )

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  2. Its time for donnell Dewayne ivory body bag Antione lee garth 18187 I'm sorry I didn't stutter that's what time it is

  3. When The Game show's up,all the others rappers must fell a lot of shame,they are not at the same level with the new king!

  4. Tupac's animated performance and constant smile shows that he was doing what he loved! He wasn't in it for the money, he created his art because he genuinely enjoyed it, and believed deeply in his message. He was also generous with his money and did a lot to help those less fortunate… He was a truly good person, and he would have been great if he had gotten the opportunity to run for office! As a staunch Libertarian, I would have voted for him in a heartbeat! He was pro 2nd Amendment, pro free speech, pro Constitution in general, pro personal freedoms, pro helping the needy, anti police and anti authoritarianism!


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