Let's Play Uramikko w/ Sinow | Chapter 1 | Part 01


Welcome to our Let’s Play of Uramikko for the pc!

Sinow’s channel:

Download the game for free here:
(Be sure to run your pc in the Japanese applocale)

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  1. I actually came here from the obscure playthrough on twitch. I love watching you and Sinow play games together. You should add that obscure playthrough on YouTube. It was awesome

  2. I think everybody did that thing with coloured text in the Zelda 64 games. My best friend in middle school liked to give Impa a Swedish accent for some reason.

  3. God damn that first scare got me so good 😀 I had my mouse on the video and clicked out of shocked 😀 At least I could get used to the face. Until it transformed…

  4. I jumped and squeaked when you turned around and the face was there! I had a spoonful of Nutella in my mouth when that happened. XD

  5. I was expecting this to be a weird Finnish indiegame or something, because;

    Ura = Career
    Mikko = Mike

    How wrong i was, haha.

    Btw, loving your input as a uploader. Keep up the good work 🙂

  6. a better walking animation would be nice for this game, but, otherwise it's got a very interesting art style. It reminds me of "The Cat Lady"

  7. The developer has improved a whole lot with his story telling since this game. It's really nice to see. I know this game couldn't have been fully translated, but it's super cool you guys are able to read this stuff.

  8. I'm so glad John spoke of you in his video. I love Asian horror so I hurried over here. I watched a few already and I love it. You are amazing for translating everything. I also enjoy that you don't scream like a banshee (thank you). This video reminded me of Corpse Party a bit. Have you ever played that?

  9. This one got me good. XD After a long while of not bein' on here, I'm playin' catch-up with all your vids, and I'm lovin' em all. Keep up the good work. :]


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