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So excited and happy about this build. I was literally smiling while rendering the photorealistic snapshots. It’s so satisfying. Although the PC setup wasn’t that satisfying due to limited options for that category. I managed to improvise some of the items to make it look “complete”. I struggled a lot with adjusting the lighting in the gaming room. I had to change the set up and render a draft many times. But it’s okay! I’m happy about the outcome of the project. I hope you are all doing fine! Thank you for always watching my videos and supporting my channel. Comment down below what you would like to see next and I’ll do my best to get that done.

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  1. Ms.ayuh Lodi Kita grabe ask q lng.
    Naunlocked q n lahat Ng items pero bat Hindi q magamit ung. Mga items n magaganda paano q sya magagamit.?

  2. Your 5d app skills are beyond pro level…i am learning 5d watching your videos… thank you for sharing your skills🌼🌸👰🙏

  3. Hii.. may I ask how many minutes your rendering took? Because mine it takes alot of time and it's not even going to render anything 😂😭 because I keep getting error message at 100% sometimes got stuck at 100%, I had no idea why. i dont know if it's going to render at all and im using snapdragon 855 processor 8gb ram.

  4. Hlw ur…videos is so amazing can u plzz tell me…is it possible to import a already designed house building into…other going on…like copy paste for…edit mor designed

  5. Hi when you make a roof there are hollow space or excess how did you manage to fill the necessary area using a cube. I also noticed that in your size section there is a padlock icon where you can easily fill the hallow part when you put a roof.. but my settings doesn't show padlock icon 1.17.3 the latest version at ac market please I need help some advice me just manual step buy dividing the wall into tiny cell….

  6. Hi pwede pong gumawa ka nang tutorial kung pano nyo po ineedit yung mga realistic photo.Btw i love your video

  7. Your designs are amazing❤️❤️
    Could u tell me how can I import custom textures in a modded version of planner 5d android if I can?

  8. Good job ai galing mo talaga sa ganyan 😉 i love you always mwuah 😘 sana ma approve ka na sa partnership sa youtube 😊


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