Luthiel (루디엘) – Character Creation – Android on PC – CBT – F2P – KR


Here is a new game just started its Closed Beta today in South Korea. This may remember a bit to Aion, not just by the look but I think there is also some Aion ex-developer working on it.

This CBT will last for 6 days from 4/25~4/30.

– Game website:

– Google play:
– Apk download:

– Installed size: 1Gb

Playing on PC using Bluestacks v2.6.104.6367

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

Feel free to join my QQ group: 294416707

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  1. hmm doesn't work for me… weird.
    i get some notification in KR with 2 buttons after the LOGO.. and whatever i choose it stops…. huuummmm.. s7e

  2. all these hack and slash games are starting to look the exact same and feel the same too. there's a lack of creativity right now.

  3. Why does every korean mmo keep looking the same? Only one I've seen that is any good is Lineage 2 mobile… The rest look so generic like this one

  4. I was about to say that it look alot like Aion until I read the description. But it's a pretty game for a mobile game

  5. This is basically a remake of their previous version of Luthiel. Which now I know why it was down for some time.

  6. why? does all the Korea mmo and moba basically every games has pretty boys and the same kinda when it comes to the girls… where some Japanese and Chinese also Indian beautiful brown skins babe's…


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