MAX PARROT: #1 | X Games 2019 Top 10 Moments


Are you kidding? The man does 12 chemo treatments in six months, is only two months removed from his final treatment in late August, spends just a week on snow and then beats the best in the world at XG Norway? Beautiful.

Norway 2019 gold was Max Parrot’s 5th title in Snowboard Big Air. No other man or woman has more than 3. He has the most Snowboard Big Air medals in X Games history (8). His 5 gold and 8 medals are both tied with skier Henrik Harlaut for most in either X Games Ski or SBD. Max now has 6 total X Games gold and 10 medals overall.

Just a reminder: THE MAN SPENT THE YEAR FIGHTING CANCER. This is the best story of 2019, and Brando and Craig’s call on Max’s final run was great.


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  1. So sick… even the other competitors hoped that Max would win this…
    What a spirit… what an attitude…

  2. Always since I learned of this guy I was a major fan of his riding! I had no idea about his illness but man my love and respect for max has sky rocketed!! God bless you Max!

  3. its too bad my city cancelled the X Games that were supposed to come for the next 3 years, RIP Winter X Games Calgary 🙁


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