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In the beginning of 2019, Max Parrot was forced to drop out of X Games competition to take on the biggest battle of his life: cancer. Following months of chemotherapy, Parrot returned to the fold for X Games Norway 2019 and took gold in his first appearance back. To win a gold medal at X Games is no small feat. To do it coming off of a lymphoma diagnosis was unheard of, until Max Parrot changed all that. This is Being Max Parrot.


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  1. Max Parrot is the reason why I started snowboarding for more than 1 year, buying a NOBADAY and so oooooooooon. Thank you for your passion to snowboarding and alwaaaaaaays keep positiv to life, for there is NO BAD DAY!

  2. Hey man you're a great man before all, life for sure is more important of your anything, but you deserve all this good end.

  3. Kids dont realize what it takes to be a snowboard pro. But we all started exactly like him. Gotta love Max, huge respect.

  4. nice documentary about how contest became spin2win instead of expressing yourself with style and creativity, then you attract people like Max that'll do whatever it takes to win, wich is awesome don't get me wrong, but it becomes so incredibly boring and homogenous, and that makes me sad

  5. Such an inspiration to us mere mortals. Can't wait to see a proper X Games with both Max and Marcus in attendance.

  6. my family was just like his! everyone in my was a skier except my mom who didnt, and when i wanted to snowboard, i had alot of talking to do to get them to let me try, and ever since ive been a snowboarder, just not a pro like max

  7. Man how bad of a life, you get to get a year off and if it doesn't work then you go to college… Wow, what a tough life…

  8. The next generation has so much to learn now because of the insane progression going down. Incredible and intimidating!

  9. Max
    If you read this
    My mother had cancer was told that she wouldn't last the year
    With care and love for a perfect anti cancer diet supplements, oils (inc.cannabis oregano etc) B17
    She made a full recovery
    This is for anyone reading -cancer is not a death sentence it's often a wake up call to change habits
    Stay positive is 50% the rest is diet
    Hope you stay in permanent remission
    One love


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