NBA 2K13 My Career – Game Winner Down 21 in the 4th!


Time stamps below separating highlights by each quarter! You can skip straight to the last minute of the 4th quarter to watch the game winner!

43:21 16 seconds left in the game down 3! I had to drop 26 points in the 4th quarter to bring my team back! I’m still coming off the bench too which is hilarious
32:27 Ankle Breaker drops John Wall!

This is taken from my November 4th live stream! We were down 21 going into the 4th quarter. This game just wasn’t going our way. Terrible offense and defense, but somehow someway I brought us back! Watch it all develop in this video!

1st Quarter
3:34 1st quarter starts
4:03 Anthony Davis put back layup
5:30 The Brow gets blocked by Nene
6:05 Walking in for the dunk
6:52 Avoided a block somehow
8:50 My teammates ooping?
9:20 Step back 3
9:50 Robin Lopez surprising me
10:25 I’ve never gotten a turnover like that before!
11:38 Jason Smith shot clock cheese 3 hahaha!!

2nd Quarter
13:30 Start of 2nd quarter
15:25 Insane pick and roll defense
17:14 I’m shot clock cheesing with a splash
17:37 Nene putting the defense to sleep
18:36 Down (55-39) at the half

3rd Quarter
20:20 Start of 3rd quarter
21:12 I get owned, cut back door lob
21:55 The Brow blocks Nene’s post move
23:03 Screen lets me take it all the way
23:29 Wizards getting fancy on us
24:10 I’m starting to take over, baseline drive
25:09 Down by 23 (74-51)
25:15 The Brow is angry on that slam
27:34 John Wall was reaching so I was teaching at the buzzer!

4th quarter
28:22 Start of 4th quarter down 21 (84-63)
28:45 My 1st points of the 4th
29:10 CPU mistake trying to oop
30:50 Shot clock cheese splash in the 4th!
31:31 Driving inside for a slam! Down 16 now
32:27 Ankle Breaker drops John Wall, Splash! Down 15
34:04 Wall trying to throw oops
34:40 Give John Wall a speeding ticket!
34:48 Wide open jumper
35:27 Splash gets it down to 14
35:46 I steal the pass backdoor to John Wall
35:55 Another splash, John Wall comes out of nowhere to contest! Down 11!
36:08 Steal and score! Down 9 with 6 minutes left!
36:50 Spin move then the Brow gets fouled
37:25 Missed FT, but Wizards turn it over!
37:50 Ryan Anderson can only be quiet for so long! Down 5 with 4 minutes
38:05 Eric Gordon steals it, only down 3!
38:45 Gordon gets blocked on a sexy baseline drive
39:27 It’s Eric Gordon time!
40:12 Eric Gordon makes it a 1 point game
41:40 Terrible turnover, but we still have life!
42:05 Missed wide open 3! Now down 5 with 1 minute left
43:21 Down 3 with 16 seconds left, splash! Tied at 100
44:45 6 seconds left, John Wall drives right by me for the lead!
45:27 2.9 seconds left, Splash for the lead!
47:18 .7 seconds left for the Wizards
50:39 Press Conference
52:02 I’m still not starting after that!

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