Negev Brigade Memorial


The deft scaler used the ergohuman pointed tip of a tsubogiri boring tool, pulled from the packet on his belt, to pierce the wooden surface of the roof that extended out over his head a full four feet. Into the carved opening in the structural beam, Nakamura twisted a threaded eyebolt, to which Essay writing he clipped another loop of nylon webbing which supported him out and then over the edge of the gently sloping roof.

>Nakamura flattened into the ridges of the clay tile and scurried plus size wedding dresses noiselessly upward, the hands and feet of his powerful thin limbs holding him just off the surface beneath his stomach as he moved in the black trough of shadow that lay at the base of the ridge line. When he reached the weathered caulking that sealed a sheet metal ventilator hood against the tiles that wedged up beside it, he sprawled in alert rest, first checking the digital watch strapped to his left wrist, and then closing his eyes to listen for continued stillness. Like the african mango great gray starfish that flattened themselves against the sandy bottom of the shallow lagoon beneath the rocky shoreline of Koshiki Island, his boyhood home, Nakamura released all tension from his body and melted into the gritty surface of the warehouse roof to wait.


>Wordlessly, Kyong Te Choi turned away from night security chief Park who, as always, sat like a permanent fixture behind the pale-green laminated countertop that housed the closed circuit television monitor. Choi repeated the night’s security access code in his mind, his lips moving in SEO Service silent mimic of the jumble of letters and digits as he walked down the fluorescent-lighted corridor. As usual, Hyun Woong penny stocks to watch Park had written the access code on a small white square of paper, held it up in front of Choi’s face for twelve seconds, and then free ipad 2 slipped it through a countertop slot to the shredder below. electric cigarettes The light electronic whirring of the blades that forever eradicated Park’s penciled letters and digits faded in Choi’s cars as he moved through the building to the fire door leading to the stairwell that would take him up to the rear leather furniture emergency exit leading from the jaejun executive offices.

>The white plastic card with its replica watches magnetic strips snoring chin strap and embossed numeric codes was still warm from its slot in the encoding cradle as the roving guard pressed the succession loveseat of keys that permitted the steel plate covering the card slot to lift upward. Choi baby shower cakes pushed the stiff card into the lighted slot and entered the second string of letters and digits.

>To the guard’s surprise, there was no buzzing snap from behind the white-enameled steel door that closed off the executive offices. For the first time in Atkins Diet Food List seventeen months of making these rounds, Choi stood looking at a locked door after entering the card and codes that should have automatically pulled the frame bolts back from their slots to uggs give him access to the duty stations  beyond. The security guard stood motionless in front of the illuminated keypad, confusion and then doubt flooding his mind. Had the access codes been entered incorrectly? Had he mentally transposed a  Pizza Express vouchers number or letter in tonight’s code? Had there been a malfunction in the Relex 5500 system, as impossible as that seemed?

>A startled Hyun Woong Park looked up as monitor EX12 beeped for hisattention and then displayed the Korean and English lettering indicating that entrance to the executive offices had been attempted and denied. Behind the flashing message script, Park could see an overhead front view of the motionless Choi staring at the electronic security station that had produced the discreet alarm

>and now refused to return his access card.

>Park quickly pokies scanned the other glowing

pokies screens and saw that all other stations seemed to be undisturbed. He keyed in a program code that assured pokies the building’s general system monitor recorder, Choi’s frozen executive door station, and the jaejun compound security chief pokies in Building 6 that the incident was now in the process of being investigated but it does seem like some pokies just love them.


>From his rooftop position, digital signage Nakamura could see all the way across the slumbering city of Seoul. Far off in front of him, where the predawn email lists sky met the lift of Namsan Hill, he could make out the blinking of the aircraft warning beacons atop Seoul Tower. His attention was suddenly drawn to tiny illuminated digits as they fluttered across the flat square screen he held in his hand. The sole f80 brief light from the silent signals gave the intruder’s motionless face a demonic red glow for the seconds it took Hyun Woong Park’s program message to be transmitted over their FM band to the security offices across the compound. Nakamura then sole f63 slipped the receiver back into its worn cigarette case and shifted silently into a kneeling position, where he could grab the handle of the kunai leverage tool that he had jammed under the lip of the ventilator screen. Sometimes as kyogi positioned himself total gym xls into this new world role.


>Nakamura knew that within

leather furniture moments the internal monitor screens would be unmatched as the two guards changed places to allow Park to run up to the frozen entry panel, enter the release code to retrieve the impounded magnetic card, and attempt the entry once again in Choi’s place. The Japanese took a deep breath, pressed the front of his torso up against the ventilator hood as tightly as possible to muffle as much of the noise as he could, and pulled up and out on the kunai. With a dull quick payday loans  snapping thud, the rivets inside the hood released their hold and the screen Pizza Express vouchers was free.


>The voice from the speaker on the raw concrete wall of the fire escape stairwell was brief, instructing Choi to return to the monitor desk. As though being shaken from a daze, the Korean looked around in all directions before turning on his heels and running down the stairs to the underground console of his superior. Choi had barely reached the counter before Park had leapt to his feet to fly back down the moss green carpeting of the corridor to the stairwell, the wall displays of color photo panels depicting the jaejun heavy industry products but a single formless blur in the corners of his upturned Data Mining Software eyes.


>Nakamura entered the ventilator shaft feet first and used his knees and the heels of his high-topped, rubber-soled climbing shoes to wedge himself into place while he diabetic diet secured the curved talons of the folding hook against the corner of the screen opening. Nakamura then allowed several yards of the soft climbing cord to play out and down between his angled thighs, being  careful to use the slow and rhythmical movements that would reduce the chances of the rope accidentally thumping against the walls of the narrow air shaft. Slipping his right hand into the first loop that dangled from the rope and releasing his left-hand grip on the hood opening, Nakamura moved into the jaejun structure.


>Park worked the keypad of the Eigo Keibi Relex 5500

weight loss pills security panel. In painfully slow motion, the captured access card appeared at the edge of its slot and then backed out into Park’s waiting hand. The shift supervisor pulled the card the rest of the way out, rekeyed the original access code, replaced the card, and again keyed in the second string of digital entries. Choi hunched forward in Park’s chair behind the monitor banks to watch for the results on screen EX12. Beads of perspiration had popped work from home out on the small Korean’s brow and upper lip.

>Even if both Choi and Park  had been watching monitor KLOI, they would have seen nothing more than what probably would have been unnoticed as a blip of visual static in the dim gray-electric  shadows of the upper left corner of the screen as Nakamura angled open the ventilator filter cover, flattened himself out like a log on the painted concrete floor, and rolled slowly beneath the infrared beam that stretched invisibly at knee height in front of the locked doorway to conceal himself behind a skid loaded with boxed hydraulic cylinders. Nakamura had slithered through the ducts and panels in the walls of the jaejun warehouse to emerge in the cargo bay he was required to explore.

>Park swore inaudibly as the  usual buzzing snap released the Relex 5500 electronic lock and permitted the bulletproof steel door to swing inward to give access to the executive offices. The fool Choi would now cost him what harman kardon soundsticks ii the senior guard felt would seem like endless paperwork to follow up the snag in routine patrolling. Park stared up burningly at the closed circuit camera above his face and pulled the door shut again with a booming slam. Bose Companion 3 Choi withered in his superior’s console chair as he watched the entire proceedings over the monitor.


>From beneath the panning logitech z-5500 camera that scanned his corner of the cargo storage area, Nakamura reached up from out of sight and gently rotated the tension knob on the camera’s mounting bracket.


>The slowing of the panning motion would not be seo firms noticed over the monitor, and it would give the Japanese additional seconds to cover the unscanned areas of the bay that the dragging camera would now leave temporarily uncovered.

>Nakamura moved noiselessly from crate to crate, hair removal keeping careful watch on the path of the halting camera overhead as he pressed the small sensor against one rough wooden panel after another. As Cosmetic Surgery Thailand he moved like a formless shadow over the concrete floor, Nakamura noticed an oddly uncharacteristic edge to his movements and thoughts, an indescribable cold pressure that seemed to drill at the back of his head.


>The replica handbags hesitancy troubled him. He was, after all, a seasoned professional. He knew his quarry was in here. His contact Sun Duk Chung had told him exactly where and when the shipment would be moving through her station’s repacking and relabeling process before being shuttled on through camouflaged channels to its eventual destination. It was merely a matter of time before he found what he was looking for and could take the photographs that he had been charged with obtaining.

>Seven minutes into the search, Nakamura’s hand-held sensorprovided the LED signal for which he had been waiting. He had found a crate that betrayed just the right magnetic potential and gaseous content. Looking up to check the camera position once again, Nakamura pulled out the long narrow kunai, and resolutely set to work on the crate lid.


>In another part of the warehouse complex,

cyprus company Choi drifted sullenly from one checkpoint station to the next, moving on the nervous energy produced from inwardly directed anger. The jaejun International executives took their security seriously, he knew, and one slip was all that was required to be reassigned to one of the lesser posts that paid lesser hourly rates. How could he have let himself slip? How could he have allowed himself to become so complacent? This would have to be considered a lesson, a reminder of what can happen when one reaches beyond reasonable limits in ambition, Choi resolved to himself.


>From his canvas sling high up on the catwalk that angled through the rafters of export bay KLOI, the source of Nakamura’s subconscious unease stared down at his narrow muscular back as he hunched over the open crate to photograph its contents.

>The tiny shielded flash from Nakamura’s miniature camera flickered like distant

stationary bike stand heat lightning in the darkness of the warehouse and gleamed in reflection on the depthless black eyes under the heavy lids that furrowed the middle of the broad flat face, which looked down with infinite patience at the scene unfolding below. Though II Nam Kwon wore his usual Chinese-built Makarov Type 59 9mm pistol, the Korean assassin made no attempt whatsoever to stop Nakamura. Take your bit of cheese and run, my little rat, thought the hulking pet supplies II Nam Kwon, and when you slip into your cranny in the wall, this cat will know exactly where all the killing is to be done.



>Chapter 2


>ROM THE STEELY GRAY tumble of the early Free Xbox 360 morning autumn clouds that skirted the eastern edges of the Shimabara Peninsula, the Mitsubishi Diamond One jet appeared, dropped slightly in its path, and banked north over the Tenmei shoreline seawall. Few of the dozens of seaweed farmers that plied the waters of the Ariake Sea were not looking up at the cream colored jet. It was not a routine flight path, and the sight and sound of the sleek aircraft captured the curiosity of the residents of the rural Hotaku province.

>The attention was but momentary in duration, however. Doryoku, consistent effort, was the key to a successful planting, and within minutes all had forgotten the peculiar anomaly of the jet over their ageless harvesting pool as backs and arms went on with the work of

funny t shirts reeling out and adjusting the seedling nets.

>Toru Kitagawa slowly pressed his face against

edmonton home builder the coolness of the small window in the side of the Diamond One and looked back at the tiny fleet of broad-hulled boats at float on the mirror surface of the water below. Those harvesters had been there long before his birth almost sixty years ago west of Iga, and would still be there long after his ashes had turned to earth under the base of his family’s burial shrine in Akame. Theirs was a life so different from the one that had been dealt to him, the stony Japanese acknowledged silently to himself. Those sea harvesters worked along in harmony with the seasons to earn their way. Old Toru the battler, more often than not, was expected to rearrange the seasons to earn his way.

> Kitagawa, a compact wiry man with close-cropped salt-and pep


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