Nipsey Hussle – Revenge (ft. 2Pac & The Game) HD


On March 30th one of the realest OG’s in Los Angeles got Shot to death infront of his own store. I know that I’ve never made a remix with Nipsey but Believe me, I’ve been following that dude for years and I always banged his shit. Give me a big RIP for Nipsey Hussle.
The game is desperate AF right now since they were homeboys since 05/06. The clip of the game talkin comes from his instagram story @Losangelesconfidential

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Song name: Revenge
Artists: 2Pac shakur, Nipsey Hussle & The game
remix made by: Mimo Tupac

Nipsey Hussle – Revenge (ft. 2Pac & The Game) HD – Lyrics


Gangster/mafia Movies used: Schoolboy Q

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HipHop/rap music Remix

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  1. Rip brother game on a toast to my dad Samuel Christopher Houston and my family IV nev metvte valleungas my gramoawas a camera man he married her for about a minute I Wana meet the valleungas I don't think they want me noone elcedoes but my guy and i am Blessedra to have him I live him i picked him brent carles walker I am a family girl and I Wana meet my family I have a grandpa sperm donor his name was Joseph vallelunga dead sperm donor I guess there in Cali and New York but scared of to scared to look Christina vallelunga

  2. Is Jordan pissed caused the cells empty and private prison stock dropped does he want to fill them back up. Will he meet with Chicago chief and say lock them up will he go and talk to the gangs that keep pulling pistols on they brother meng but you'll wear him and die to get the latest ones

  3. man 🙁 crabs in a bucket. nipsey understood this. maybe he knew he'd always die, he knew he would be the sacrifical lamb, he said it in a song once (i think, maybe im forgetting the context of when he said it) he probably always knew his judas would come and kill him, but he knew the mission, he knew what he had to do…
    …such is the story of humanities champions.

  4. Tithes to a hospital or a church who's going to save you when you're broken loccen up spend time staring at a torture device thanking him for that sacrifice when I see worse looking outside. When you look to get healed and you only have 1 option where do you get your second opinion. How many loaves of bread are out there? Even you switched to wine from water give the people what they want we supposed to be celebrating let me try some different flavors, but instead you killed any that tried no wonder why it so hard to fix where we are

  5. Most of all I learned how to be a better family man from my Mexicans and how to work my ass off my bad yall

  6. A bulldog if you really solid with Nipsey In follow through dog this is to game your brank off hood owes me 1.2millilon but if they night
    Other going owner up me need you give me the half o we soose out o r t

  7. 🎬📣Shout Out To The Game 👌☝💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Bang Bang🔈🔉🔊🎧🎤🎶✏📖🎹🎻🎺R.I.P. TuPac Shakur👼Thug Life ✌😘💞
    😘💞R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle 👼


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