Pallet Wood Yard Game: Washers and LCR Dice


Pallet Wood Yard Game: Washers and LCR Dice

In this video episode I share how to create a great backyard game board for washers and LCR Dice.

I’m always looking for ideas to create the best backyard games out of pallet wood. This game set would make excellent diy wedding lawn games as well. Both Left, Center, Right (LCR) Dice and Washers are fun backyard games for adults. Washers is similar to the game of horseshoes.

You can look up instructions on how to play here:
Washers: (written)

LCR: (written)

Washers is one of the old fashioned picnic games that you’ll often find at tailgate parties or
church picnic games. LCR is more of a party game that can be played for money, instead of chips, to make it a little more exciting. Both games are great diy cookout games.

I really enjoy giant backyard games as well. Follow me on my blog at and facebook page for more great games, pallet projects and other musings.


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