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Q How do you make a spinning wheel?
A Its so long to Say that i will make a tutorial

Q How Long does this take to Make this Kind of Game?
A About 1 hour or 30 minutes

Q How do you Type During Slideshow?
A I put Text box come from the developer

Q Does this Text Box needed to be Download?
A Of Course not, if you want developer go to Powerpoint options
Then Check the “Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon”

Q Do we need to Pay?
A No Its Free

Q What button do i press when its my turn during the Game?
A The Green Button

Q What Does the Red Button Do?
A It Just Makes a Lazer Sound I Just want to add sounds

Q How Many Players to Play this Game?
A 2-4 Players then 1 Person has to be the Host

Q Will you Make more Amazing Games?
A Yes But if you add 10+ Subscribers i will make a videos and Games as a payment

Q Why you Rather The Payment as a Subscribe instead of Cash?
A Most of you doesn’t want to spend cash but me i do but i accept subscribe me as a payment because its my job to make sure you enjoy something with your Friends

Q Can you Teach Me how to Make Wheel of Fortune?
A I Will if you Subscribe me 5+

Q Did I Made This?
A Yes I Did

Q Does This Really Work?
A Yes 100% this Doesn’t Work if you Don’t Have Powerpoint

Nguồn: https://labiennale-israeli-pavilion.org/

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  1. Hi SuperNikestar! I just wanted to thank you for making this Wheel of Fortune PPT! I used this as a template to make my own version Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint, and you're in the credits.

    If you want to see my game, go to PowerPoint Heaven and go through the games section of the forum.


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