Raiding in Classic Is About To Get A Whole Lot Harder


Looking forwards from MC and BWL, AQ is our next big 40 man raid, will it prove more of a challenge for many guilds than what lay before?
Or crumble to dust just as quickly? Let’s have a look at how AQ40 will shape up.

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Outro – A small track from Winterspring, “Winterspring 5”
C’Thun progress post by Ion:



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  1. Seeing a lot of "its going to be super easy sentiments again." By the 4th reset, about one third of guilds progressing in BWL who had logged a kill had not completed a clear, The jump from BWL to AQ is far greater than MC to BWL was. Not everyones in a guild coming from pservers, or requiring full wbuffs every raid, or have even ever seen the content.

    It'll be cleared the day its opened, of course it will. I expect ill clear it first week its open no problem. Doesn't mean for many players, that this is going to be the first time where there is a real struggle.

  2. I'm in a guild with mostly newer players and it's been so fun. We are on Firemaw right now, and have not gotten past him two weeks in a row, and it's great. Frustrating yes, but really fun to actually progress though the content!

  3. It's extremely annoying to me when people say "Gear didn't make sense, cloth with strength". NO. Why on earth would gear be balanced around classes, it is a freaking RPG game. The fact that there was useless good quality gear made perfect sense. I can't stand it.

  4. asmongoldians trying to feel good about themself talking about that retail is hard, but they are not good in either one of the games 😀

  5. Please dont bring the words Hard and Classic together. I Played every raid in Classic and it will Never will be on the retail raid difficulty. And even that is Not insane Hard. Vanilla is just ez content. That will Never change.

  6. "yeah, finally a harder raid!". Said the guy promoting way too many black lotus in game so everyone can have flasks. Nah, will be cleared just as easily. Sorry, but all this letting go of tears is not helping if one wants a harder challenge.

  7. I do remember the mobs after Twin Emps being annoying because you were getting to them 3/4 hours into the raid and were fecking knackered ! Ohh memories…

  8. Meh.. once people start doing C'thun speed runs, everyone will call it easy. It never ends. The issue is that people like speed now, where as back in original vanilla, speed runs weren't a thing so much. I was in a number 2 guild back when C'thun was considered difficult and we didn't just speed through it because there were no guilds using a bunch of warriors. Currently, people make warriors JUST for speed runs and back then, it took you so long to get gear, guilds didn't have mass warrior attacks. It was very balanced. The fact that so much time has passed and players can cheese the content, they know what to make and they make it. Back then, it was just a community of people who picked the classes based on how they wanted to play, and worked their way into good guilds and performed. Also, in original vanilla i can guarantee you Blizzard would have nerfed speed runs. They nerfed any kind of player antics. It was a full time job for them.

  9. Every one kinda said that about bwl, guild breaker my ass became a catch phrase in our guild, first try we got stuck on firemaw(one shotted razor and brood+suppression did wipe first try on vael) next week we tried a new strat on him and went 8/8 and alot of the players never even seen inside bwl till that first week, everything now has spread sheets worth of info and thought gone into it that every one can copy, now days alot of people are rocking nearly full BiS and hit capped moving into next phases too

  10. As a Vanilla player and making clearing content in vanilla vs Classic I would say AQ 40 as BWL will be easy for the top guilds of course. Regulars guilds should have slow but steady progression classic is just not hard for raiding with all bugs fixed and so much information/strats on bosses and better gear optimization it shouldnt be hard.

  11. You are 100% my favorite WoW content provider. And I follow just about all of them. I get excited every time I see you've uploaded a new video. <3

  12. I heard so much people in-game and in youtube videos saying BWL was gonna be so much harder than MC, just to realise how easy BWL is pretty easy all the way, I would be really suprised for AQ to actually hard. Classic never was hard. People were clueless, plus we have addons now.

  13. @WillE hey man, I’m not sure why, but your videos have seemed to take on negative overtones recently. Are you not enjoying the game anymore? Within the first 10 seconds you set the tone for the entire video. Imagine making a video of things to be EXCITED FOR.. I’d love to watch that 🙂

  14. the hard part is finding 40 people who have farmed up all the proper resources pots resist gear ect. the mechanics aren't to hard and were harder on private servers. Classic wow isn't hard at all when every scrap of information on the game has been datamined 1000 times.

  15. there's something you didn't mention.

    People with retail experience.

    there's not a single mechanic in AQ ( or naxx ) that hasn'T been reused a dozen time for retail players.

    stuff like tank swapping ( twin emperor / 4 horsemen ) or sooo trivial guide barely even mention them anymore. instead we get stuff like shad'har 3-strike combo or Aggramar 5-strike combos.

    Stuff like chain lightning ( C'thun) MUST be paired with multiple movement restricting abilities in order to be taken seriously ( zek'voz in Uldir).

    and we've been plowing through every DPS check classic offered us at this point.

    anyone who did heroic-level raiding… maybe even just normal-mode raiding.. on retail will laugh at AQ.

  16. Such a difference between having weeks and months to prepare for a raid instance where you know what all the bosses abilities and weaknesses are before the dungeon opens compared to back in the day when we would be learning as we went along.

  17. I just started classic. :/ I’m level 25. Is it too late for me to get on the train? I feel like I won’t be able to get into any early raids and gear in time for AQ.

  18. It will be steamrolled. Naxx will be, too. Classic is nothing like Vanilla, and that's the bottom line. Accomplishments made in Classic are meaningless relative to Vanilla. Everything is known now. Player skill is much higher. The hardware is much better. Resources are ubiquitous. It's child's play now. That doesn't mean it's bad, it just means it's easy as hell now.

  19. yeah aq40 will be pretty "hard" with free flask for everyone and all the world buffs :> even my shitty noob guild cleard bwl in the first id
    aq40 will be easy too (last few bosses are a little harder but still kinda easy for most wow players)

  20. 80% of players still didnt clear BWL, and i believe like 50% didnt clear MC. If tryhards prepare and clear that content in hour after release – it doesn't mean its easy and everyone can do that.

  21. Hello Willie, i cant be assed even playing Classic at the moment. Im herbalist and i was banking on being able to gather a few black lotus but alas the farmers have it all sowed up. Bring on TBC!!!!


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