Shotgun Willy – Master Sword


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prod. katabeats

Genie grant a wish im getting rich
member when i said i hit a lick
I don’t really wanna fuck the bitch
Willy went and made another hit
Okay like
Prada on my muh fuckin kid
Louie on my muh fuckin hip
Curry how i dunk no swish
Fuck it gonna fuck that bitch

If you aint gone fuck with me you a dumb fuck
Pull up and hit the boy feel like one punch
Look my bank and im getting dumb rich
And Imma count it up till a hundred

Im just tryna get it Like this like that
Willy tell me how you get a bitch like that
Listen to yo music man this aint that
Willy tell me how you get yo wrist like that

My pockets fat
Got money stacks
I’m posted in the back and got a hunnid racks
Im coming up
She down to fuck
He wanna be like me i tell him run it up

Round one like ike i fight
In the kitchen im whippin like betty white
Bad bitch on my list like light
I been killin the business feel like im dwight

Big bones cause ya boy still breast feed
Bad bitch wanna be my bestie
New ice my wrist like jet ski (wet)
Talk shit get hit don’t test me

Runnin and runnin and don’t ever stop got a mac in the back and we let that shit pop
Ay pull up and skrt out the lot
see i don’t got no time but my wrist got a watch
Hunnid on hunnid get stuffed in a sock and i don’t chase a bitch only after the guap
Ay wrist and my drink on the rocks
See i Can’t fuck that bitch if her dad is a cop
Bummin and bummin these kids wanna be me cause everything from me go straight to the top
Ay made a few bands off a single and end of the day you can’t piss in a pot
Bitch you broke
Started getting famous now im feeling like the pope
Spending time in Vegas boutta make a lot of dough
Quick scope no scope you hoes on ghost
Deep throat my load my hoe don’t choke

Bitch imma legend like zelda
Sorry don’t know what to tell ya


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  2. ALRIGHT WERE HERE BEFORE TIK TOK WILL TAKE THIS AND RUIN IT. But I think shotgun is safe. They got nugget though


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