Smart Studio – Brainball, Brain-Computer Interface Game 2003


Brainball is a game, an art object and Smart studio’s (The Interactive Institute Sweden) first completely hybrid research project. The players move a ball on a table by the sole use of their brainwaves. Encouraging competition through relaxation, the game objective is to score a goal on the opponent’s side with the least possible action.
Brainball is a game where you compete in relaxation. The players’ brainwaves control a ball on a table, and the more relaxed scores a goal over the opponent.
Brainball is a game that goes against the conventional competitive concept, and also reinvents the relationship between man and machine. Instead of activity and adrenalin, it is passivity and calmness that mark the truly successful Brainball player. Brainball is unique amongst machines since it is not controlled by the player’s rational and strategic thoughts and decisions. On the contrary, the participants are dependent on the body’s own intuitive reactions to the game machine.
Brainball was invented by The Interactive Institute which is a cross scientific research institute, working within the areas of IT, art and digital media.:
Projectleader: Magnus Jonsson
Software design and development: Olof Bendt, Thomas Broomé
Projectteam: Lennart Andersson, Olof Bendt, Thomas Broomé, Aurelian Bria, Esbjörn Eriksson, Sara Ilstedt Hjelm, Magnus Jonsson, Arijana Kajfes, Fredrik Petersson, Tobi Schneidler, Ingvar Sjöberg, Lotten Wiklund
Design by Ergonomi Design, Manufactured by Horreds
More info:
Commercial version of Branball is Mindball Game:
Similar Game application is Mattel’s MindFlex:
and Emotiv’s BCI headset:


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  1. Since brainball uses the long brain waves (theta), it's basically competitive meditation, monks should do well at this game.

  2. it would be cool to add a display on the table showing a visual representation of each players "relaxed"state, battling against each other. i.e. each player would have a colour emitting from their end of the table, a different colour for each player, and in the middle the would both interact. Receding and advancing as the same concept in the video.


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