Sonic and Amy – Interactions in Games ( part 2)


Finally the last (for the moment) part of the interactions between Sonic and Amy.

And here is the part of Sonic Runners in English:

???: Hey, don’t go so fast! Are you doing putting yourself with my Sonic?

Amy: Take THIS!

Sonic: Then, was amy the last of the hostages?

Amy: ¡Sonic! ¡I’m so happy to see you! I was a little scared here alone.

Amy: I always knew that you come by me! at end, and after all, I’m your princess and your my prince, and this is our faire tale romance!

Sonic: ¡Eh, eh, Amy! ¡calm down! are not you forgetting anything?

Amy: ¡Uy, of course! ¡Happy Birthday, Sonic! Already there is nobody else?


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  1. I know Sonic doesn’t like Amy, but I’m pretty sure he has a soft spot for her. He just refuse to admit it.😉💖

  2. I think Sonic do cares a lot about Amy. But all the shippers go overboard and they make it cringe. Sonic is someone that needs freedom and Amy knows that. While she wants more Sonic is not ready yet. They have a deeper understanding of each other, that’s also the reason why Sonic haves her around even though she is so clingy and fan-girlish

  3. I kinda get where the hate towards Amy comes, she is chlidish and annoying but she really is a child… Amy has her kind moments too, Sonic does love her in a romantic way?I dont know but he cares about her, he isnt obligated to follow her in adventure but he does he agrees on some dates, some people hate Amy even in the Sonic x series but they only watched the english dub wich isnt the Amy I love at all(they modified everything she says)…but know Amy has grown into a better character.I love sonamy but i dont want them to be in a relationship like in the comics with sonic because thats not the free spirit I see, now with idw series Amy herself says that she loves him for who he is and doesnt want to change him..I just love them!

  4. In Sonic Chronicles the dark brotherhood there’s a part where Sonic says he really cares for Amy…I BELIEVE

  5. Its pretty much confirmed that Amy and Sonic are dating at the end of Sonic Chronicles(well if you pick the right responses), as Sonic Chronicles is the very last game that takes place in the timeline(sometime after Sonic Forces) as there is alot of evidence pointing to it, so either way, we can all sleep happily knowing that eventually Sonic and Amy do end up dating.

  6. I swear Sonic has feelings for Amy in Sonic Unleashed! Why would he be mad to finally get rid of his stalker and why would he look so ashamed when Amy turned around?!?

  7. ???: Hey, don't go so fast! What are you doing messing with my Sonic?

    Amy: Take THIS!

    Sonic: So, was Amy the last of the hostages? Honestly, it looks like she didn't need any saving…

    Amy: Sonic! I'm so happy to see you! I was a little scared here all by myself.

    Amy: I always knew that you come by me! After all, I'm your princess and you're my prince, and this is our fairy tale romance!

    Sonic: Hey, hey Amy! Take it easy! Aren't you forgetting something?

    Amy: Oh, of course! Happy Birthday, Sonic! Nobody else out there?

  8. I wish Amy was nicer to Sonic.
    I understand she ‘loves’ him.
    -but I hate the hammering and attitude she throws at him.


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